Invitation Homes Inc (NYSE:INVH)

Real Estate

Invitation Homes Inc is a public company that provides real estate services.

It is domiciled in Texas, the Unites States.

Invitation Homes In commenced its operations in 2012. The company operates and owns rental homes for single family and offers acquisition, underwriting, renovation, and upfront capital investment, maintenance operation, ongoing lease and disposition services.

It serves the customers across the United States.

The firm is a publicly company on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol of ‘INVH’. The company claims to have over 80,000 homes under its portfolio.

It offers aesthetic home options available for lease in various desired neighborhood location across the nation. In addition, it is located in close proximity to good schools and jobs.

Invitation Homes Inc claims to focus on consistent innovation in smart home technology, maintenance apps, and various other programs that can simplifies the lifestyle of the tenant.

The American publicly listed firm claims to have around 80 per cent resident retention.

It aims to be the premier choice of people when it comes to home leasing. The company offers various services under categories like ProCare, Pets, and Lease Easy.

The Pro Care segment provides premium services to the customers where move-in orientation is a key part. It says that once the customer has moved in after 45 days the ProCare certifies technician performs a ‘post move in visit’.

Invitation Homes Inc claims that one can make appointment on the maintenance app for easy and hassle-free assistance. It follows a discipline asset and market selection strategy and has an assembled portfolio of high-quality that mainly focuses on the Western and Southeast, Florida, and Texas.

The firm says that its portfolio is designed with a geographic concentration that is hard to replicate and provides economies of scale to help it grow.

The subsidiaries of the company are Invitation Homes Operating Partnership LP, IH Merger Sub LLC, Invitation Homes 6 LP, Invitation Homes 5LP, Invitation Homes OP GP LLC.

Contact Information

company address 1717 Main Street, Suite 2000 Dallas,Texas 75201

company phone1 972 421 3600

company email[email protected]


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