Dominion Energy Inc 2019 Series A Corpor (NYSE:DCUE)


Dominion Energy Inc operates as energy distributor and producer in the United States.

The American company was founded in 1983 in Virginia.

It is engaged in the distribution, generation and transmission of power. In addition, it aims to provide sustainable electricity solutions.

Dominion Energy Inc also facilitates online billing and payment options.

The company claims to be dominant player in the US utility sector and electricity sub-industry.

The power producer launched its Corporate Unit Series A in 2019. It is an equity unit that represents a contract to purchase the firm’s common and in certain class of preferred shares in the future.

The company raised the number of offerings from 1,2500,000 to 14,000,000 corporate units in 2019.
The Series A units comprises of the ability to purchase Dominion Energy Inc’s common stock and a 1/10 undivided beneficial ownership interest in one share of company’s 1.75 per cent cumulative preferred stock.

Formerly known as Energy Resources Inc, the power producing firm rebranded itself with the present corporate structure in 2017.

As part of the rebranding, Dominion Energy Inc also changed the official logo, which now consists of ‘D’ letter and stripes in the blue silhouette.

The US-based company claims to focus on supply chain diversity and focuses on enhancing supplier performance.

The energy company operates through various subsidiaries, including:
• PSNC Energy
• The East Ohio Gas Company
• SCANA Corporation
• Questar Corporation
• Hope Gas, Inc
• Dominion Transmission

The corporate units are listed and traded under the symbol ‘DCUE’ on the New York Stock Exchange.

Following the rebranding, various company-owned businesses, energy and natural gas utilities were also unified under the name Dominion Energy.

The company also operates through the following sister companies:
• Dominion Energy Wexpro
• Dominion Energy Virginia
• Dominion Energy Solutions Inc
• Dominion Energy North Carolina

In addition, the US-based energy company also changed the official website to www.Dominion

Contact Information

company address 120 Tredegar Street Richmond, VA 23219 United States.

company phone(804) 819-2000

company email[email protected]


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