Donaldson Company Inc (NYSE:DCI)


Donaldson Company Inc is an industrial products company engaged in manufacturing replacement parts and filtration systems, products, and solutions, including mist collectors, compressors, gas turbines, engine filters and parts, liquid filtration systems, compressed air and gas, engine OEM systems, dust collectors and more. Donaldson conducts its business in two operating segments, including engine products and industrial products. 

It provides its services to a wide range of end and advanced markets, including: 

• Agriculture 

• Construction 

• Mining 

• Aerospace 

• Automotive 

• Biotechnology 

• Defense 

• Energy 

• Food & Beverage 

• Forestry 

• Industrial Process 

• Manufacturing 

• Marine 

• Material Handling 

• Pharmaceuticals 

• Powertrain 

• Power Generation 

• Railroad 

• Transportation 

It was incorporated in 1915 when Frank Donaldson Sr. made an innovation in the agriculture sector by making the world’s first air filter for farm tractors. In 1974, it acquired Torit and entered into the industrial dust collection market. 

Donaldson is committed to solving customers’ complex filtration challenges and discovering new technologies globally. It claims to consist of more than 2,600 active U.S. and international patents and more than 100 technical laboratories and provides its services in over 40 countries. 

The company’s headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Donaldson Company Inc is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘DCI’. 

In Aerospace and defense, the company’s electronic equipment helps in protecting and improving critical electronics and crew reliability. Its engine and APU filtration products help in reducing component wear, make performance better, and increase an engine’s life.  

Its environmental control systems are air filtration products that help in protecting HVAC systems. The hydraulic systems help in lengthening engine life and secure critical hydraulic lines. The pneumatic systems are used in the lavatory, potable water, and other compressor systems 

The company’s single-pass filtration system helps in removing contamination in the inlet before it impurifies the storage tank. It maintains fluid quality.  

Donaldson provides air, gas, steam, and liquid filtration solutions for manufacturing bottled water, dairy food production, beer production, soft drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages manufacturing.  

The company’s custom-engineered filters and air-oil separators help in maximizing and improving compressed air system performance. It claims to strengthen the brand and its reputation through its OEM filtration solutions, including lube, hydraulic, air intake, coolant, and more products. 

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