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Curtiss-Wright Corporation is an industrial products company that focuses on designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-tech, critical-function engineered products and services such as pumps, weapons handling systems, and more to a broad market, including power generation, commercial, industrial, aerospace, and defense. The company provides its services in three business segments, including aerospace and industrial, naval and power, and defense electronics. 

Curtiss-Wright was established through the merging of companies in 1929 by Glenn Curtiss. Headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina, Curtiss-Wright Corporation is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange market (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘CW’. 

For naval defense, the company provides compact electromechanical actuators and high force electromechanical actuators. For general industries, it provides actuation solutions, integrated motor/actuators, integrated actuation systems. For aerospace, it provides secondary flight controls, weapons hoisting and handling, rotary geared actuators, and more products.  

Curtiss-Wright provides various services such as handling liquid flow in powered submarines, stabilizing the weapons systems, and controlling lift to the naval, aerospace, and ground defense markets. It provides its support to every branch of the US military and various international defense forces.  

For the US Navy, the company delivers pumps and valves. It is also engaged in manufacturing advanced electromechanical systems that enable the take-off and landing of aircraft.  

For the US Air Force, Curtiss-Wright offers sensors, control equipment, coating services, and computing technologies. For the US Army, the company helps make leading ground vehicles and helicopters through its electronic technologies such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, UH-60 Black Hawk, the Abrams Tank, and more.  

For the commercial aerospace industry, safety is important. The company’s advanced technology helps commercial airliners securely take off and land the aircraft. It provides sensor and data recording products, fire protection systems, cockpit controls, and mechanical actuation systems. 

Through its naval and power segment, Curtiss-Wright provides motors, pumps, and generators for powering the naval defense market of the US. The company is engaged in the commercial nuclear market and owns and operates installed products around US nuclear plants and external facilities.  

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