CVS Health Corporation (NYSE:CVS) is an American company that provides diversified health solutions.

The predecessor firm was sold to Melville Corporation in 1969.

Following a corporate restructuring in 1995, CVS Corporation was formed as a separate publicly trading entity, with its shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Formerly, the company was known as CVS Caremark, however in 2014, it rebranded itself to the present entity.

The company caters to professionals and customers engaged in retail clinics, pharmacies, benefit management, specialty pharmacies, disease management programs, prescription drug coverage and virtual care services.

CVS Health Corporation operates through three core business segments:
• Retail
• Pharmacy Services
• Health Care Benefits

The healthcare company also has various drug stores across Puerto Rico, Columbia and the United States.

CVS Health Corporation claims to be a leading player in the healthcare and healthcare services sector.

CVS Health also undertakes several initiatives to help patients manage chronic diseases and reportedly provide patients with complete access to pharmacists.

The company claims to have over 1,100 walk-in clinics and more than 9,900 retail locations.

In addition, CVS Health claims to serve over 34 million people across the globe and provides them with consumer-directed traditional and voluntary health insurance products and related services.

The healthcare solutions provider claims that it does not deal in the sales of tobacco products and cigarettes

The company provides various health plans like commercial health coverage, Medicaid, Medicare, specialty plans, etc.

Through an extensive network of over 1,100 clinics, CVS Health Corporation claims to provide ease of access to high-quality healthcare facilities to patients.

The US-based company operates through several subsidiaries, including
• CVS Pharmacy
• MinuteClinic
• Osco Drug
• Aetna
• Long Drugs
• Illini Care Health
• Arbor Drugs
• Caremark International
• Nashua Hollis CVS Inc

The diversified health care firm also provides virtual care services through telehealth, mobile, online platforms or mobile-based applications, including CVS Pharmacy app, Specialty app, Caremark app, etc.

Some of their health and wellness services include clinical trial services, infusion services, kidney care, long-term care, vaccination and injections, screening and monitoring etc.

Contact Information

company address One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

company phone1-800-201-0938

company email[email protected]


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