Alaska Air Group Inc (NYSE:ALK)


Alaska Air Group Inc operates as an airline company that provides air services through its subsidiaries Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air.  

It operates its business in three segments, including The Mainline segment that includes Alaska's Boeing aircraft engaged in scheduled air transportation and Airbus jet aircraft for travelers and baggage in the United States and some areas of Costa Rica and Mexico.  

The Regional segment consists of Horizon and other third-party carriers and specializes in scheduled air transportation for passengers within Canada and the United States. 

The company’s headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. Alaska Air Group Inc is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘ALK’. 

The company and its regional partners claim to operate in over 120 destinations in the United States, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, and Canada.  

Alaska Air claims to provide morning to evening, shortest trip (nonstop) to longest trip flight services. It offers coach or first-class experience services by delivering different rates for each flight.  

The Alaska Airlines app provides digital boarding passes and ticket booking services. By using the app one can track their flight status. 

Alaska Air’s aircraft first class service offers luxury seating, custom-designed seats, free beer, wine, cocktails, footrests, tablet holders, and more services. The company operates the following aircraft: 

• Airbus  

• Boeing 737-9 MAX  

• Bombardier Q400 

• Spirit of the Islands plane 

• San Francisco Giants Livery 

• UNCF Our Commitment plane 

• Boise State University plane 

• University of Montana plane  

• Salmon Thirty Salmon II plane 

• Russell Wilson Livery 

• Celebration of Boeing® plane 

• Spirit of Disneyland® II plane and more 

Contact Information

company address "19300 INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD SEATTLE WA 98188"

company phone206-392-5040

company website

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