Prologis Inc (NYSE:PLD)


Prologis Inc (NYSE: PLD) is a real estate company and investment trust based in San Francisco, California.

It was formerly known as Security Capital Industrial Trust (SCI) and went public in 1994. In 1998, the predecessor acquired assets from Meridian Industrial Trust and rebranded itself to Prologis.

The real estate company focuses on regional and global markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

It leases modern distribution and logistics facilities to companies, retailers, manufacturers, customers, third-party logistics providers, and other enterprises.

The publicly listed company provides various products and services such as material handling, energy, automation, smart building and workforce solutions.

The products offered include fans, dock shipment, HVAC equipment, LED fixtures, office finishes, sanitization, PPE, thermal scanning, signage, etc.

In addition to these, the solutions also include maintenance, janitorial, pest control, moving and relocation service.

Prologis Inc claims to equip the real estate properties with various sustainable energy solutions, including:
• Advance lighting control
• Used generators,
• LED lighting
• Solar lighting

The real estate company also operates the Prologis SolarSmart project with 212 megawatts of energy generation capacity installed in nine countries across the globe. The company says the SolarSmart solutions meet all environmental mandates and has easy installation and maintenance.

In addition, it claims that the project has been ranked among the United States corporate on-site solar capacity, released by SEIA.

The US-based company also owns a warehouse facility in the Reynosa area.

The real estate company claims to cover upfront costs for providing LED lighting, regarded as more energy-efficient than traditional lighting systems.

Prologis Venture, KTR Capital Partners, LLC, SR Acquisition Corporation, ProLogis Management Inc, MeridianPenn Inc, ProLogis Industrial Finance LLC etc., are some of the prominent subsidiaries.

The company also provides solutions for material handling such as forklifts, customer racking, rack buyback, industrial shelving, repair and warehouse protection through the Prologis Essential Marketplace platform.

Contact Information

company address Pier 1, Bay 1San Francisco, CA 94111 United States

company phone1-415-394-9000

company email[email protected]


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