Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) is a registered holding company that various financial products and banking services.

The company provides diversified financial services to businesses, corporate, institutional investors, consumers and government.

As of the 2020 fiscal, the financial firm claims to have approximately 200 million customer accounts.

Citigroup Inc operates under the following business divisions:

• Global Consumer Banking
• Institutional Clients Group

Global Consumer Banking

The segment deals with retail banking, wealth management, residential real estate and small business banking. The Global Consumer Banking segment caters to financial customers across North America, Latin America and Asia with over 2300 branches.

Institutional Clients Group

The global company provides various services such as investment banking, trade and treasury solutions, corporate lending, etc. The firm also deals with fixed income markets, equity markets and securities services and earns revenue from fees and spreads under this segment.

The financial services company has a strong presence with business in approximately 160 countries worldwide.

Citigroup Inc provides certain essential services such as corporate banking services, cash management products, investment banking and retail brokerage.

The company aims to become a trusted partner for customers and provide entire vehicle of financial products.

The diversified company's primary financial products and services include:

• Asset management
• Commodities
• Banking
• Insurance
• Equities
• Trading
• Credit cards
• Mortgage loans
• Investment management
• Private equity
• Mutual funds
• Wealth management
• Risk management


In 2010, the United States government sold off its remaining stake in the firm.

Citi Foundation claims to remain fully committed towards customers and provides an inclusive workplace for employees. It was reportedly among Fortune 500 companies.

Other significant market leaders are JP Morgan & Co, HSBC, ING Companies, Credit Suisse AG, Regions Financial Corporation, Morgan Stanley& Co, etc.

The global company operates through various subsidiaries such as Citibank Berhad, Citibank, Citibank India, Banamex, Citibank Australia, Diners Club International and Citibank Canada.

Contact Information

company address 388 Greenwich Street, New York NY 10013

company phone215-559-1000


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