General Electric Company


General Electric Co is a multinational high-tech industrial firm.

American innovator Thomas A. Edison founded the company in 1878.

The present company was formed following a merger between the Thomson-Houston Company and Edison General Electric Company in 1892.

The high-tech firm has a global presence in over 170 countries.

The company’s logo is a monogram consisting of G and E letters.

The conglomerate operates through various subsidiaries, including GE Aero Energy Power, LLC, GE Aviation Systems Group Limited, GE Capital Global Holdings, GE France, GE Healthcare AS, GE Infrastructure Aviation, GE Canada Company, etc.

The company provides innovative solutions for renewable energy, healthcare, aviation, additive manufacturing, data science, material science, wind turbines, etc.

It also focuses on becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030.

The Boston-based company conducts manufacturing and service operations through 82 facilities in 28 states in the US and Puerto Rico. In addition, it owns and operates nearly 140 manufacturing plants in 34 countries across the globe

In 2020, the high-tech firm was among the Fortune 500 rankings.

The company operates in four segments: power, renewable energy, healthcare, capital, and aviation.

The American company provides power technologies for harnessing resources such as gas, oil, nuclear, fossil, diesel, water, etc., to generate electricity.

The renewable energy portfolio comprises onshore wind, grid solutions, offshore wind, hydro solutions, and hybrid solutions.

The company also produces and designs military aircraft, electric power systems, mechanical aircraft, integrated engine components, etc.

In addition, the technology firm caters to the global healthcare sector by providing solutions and products used in treatment, diagnosis, monitoring like ultrasound, imagine, life solutions, etc.

Through its financial services division, Capital, the company provides products and services to customers across the globe who build on GE’s industry expertise in power, aviation, renewable energy, and other activities.

The US-based firm also provides power systems for application in turbines, steam engines, boilers, and generators.

Contact Information

company address 5 Necco Street, Boston MA 02210

company phone(617) 443-3000


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