Founded in 1947, Meggitt is into machine tool business and started trading same year.  The company was initially known as Willson Lathes and was renamed as Meggitt Holdings in 1964, when Willson Lathers acquired Meggitt Engineering Ltd.

Meggitt provides technologically differentiated systems and products for its three core segments: aerospace, defence and energy with the motive of product safety, performance, and reliability to satisfy the customers’ requirements.  The company has a strong team of 9,280 employees and currently operates in 14 countries in three zones: North America, Europe, and Rest of the world. The Aerospace contributed 43% of the total revenue in 2020 and produced products and subsystems. The revenue generating markets for aerospace segment are civil aircraft, business jets, civil Helicopters, and engines. In 2020, energy segment contributed 11% of total revenue. It supplied technology, natural gas, hydro-electricity for the clean, efficient and effective production. The defence segment contributed 46% of its total revenue. The revenue generating markets for defence segment are military helicopters, military aircraft, space, ground vehicles, and naval servisces.

The company has four vertically integrated, customer aligned segments: airframe system, engine system, energy & equipment and services & support. The airframe contributed 47% of revenue in 2020. For around 51,000 in-service civil aircrafts and 22, 000 defence aircrafts, the company provides braking system for fire protection & safety system, commercial, power and motion, business and defence aircrafts, fuel systems, avionics and sensors and polymer seals. The engine system contributed 14% of the revenue, providing advanced engines composites, aerospace engine flow control and sensing solutions and thermal and safety. The energy & equipment segment contributed 20% of revenue, providing energy and defence equipments. The Services & Support segment contributed 19% of revenue, providing full service aftermarket.

The company creates value for its customers through the investment cycle whose 1st step is Differentiated Technology- the company invest in differentiated technologies and product which are difficult to copy with high entry barriers.  The second step is Strong content and sole source by maximizing company content in new- to- market platform. The third step is outstanding operations- the company timely invests in High performance system and initiatives. And the last step is “through- life Service & Support”- through SMARTSupport the company provides aftermarket services and support building durable and deep partnership.    

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company address Pilot Way, Ansty Business Park CV7 9JU United Kingdom

company phone+44 (0)24 7682

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