Aberforth is a close-ended investment trust established in 1990 and is engaged in smaller companies. The trust’s aims to achieve its objective by investing in UK’s small-quoted businesses that are components of Numis Smaller Companies Index. The trust can help to deliver long-term superior returns to its customers and shareholders by achieving a net asset value total return (with dividends reinvested) higher than that of the Numis Smaller Companies Index (excluding investment companies) over the long term.  Aberforth Partners LLP operates as an investment manager of the trust, which was established in 1990. It is a wholly owned by its full-time working partners and largest in its league.

Its aim is to actively manage the portfolio and conduct fundamental analysis for the long-term superior returns for its investors.  Aberforth only invest in small-quoted companies since inception for value investment. Aberforth look for companies whose market value is lower than its intrinsic value. The portfolio of the company yields a disproportionate number of value opportunities as result of high business volatility, low liquidity, and less abundant flow of information.

The company operates two investment wings: Aberforth Smaller Companies Fund, which is the investment trust of the company, and Aberforth UK Small Companies Fund, which is is unit trust of the company. It has 80 investments under its belt. Further, the Aberforth Split Level Income Trust Plc is the split-capital investment trust that comprises of more than 60 investments with higher average return than other funds.

The Aberforth Smaller Companies Fund aims to invest in the securities of the companies (excluding investment companies) that are or can be the component of the Numis Smaller Companies Index. The Aberforth UK Small Companies Fund is managed by Aberforth Unit Trust Managers Limited, and its trustees are Natwest Trustee and Depository Services Limited. Its objective is to invest in small-quoted companies with market capitalisation of equal to or lower than the largest companies in the bottom 10% of the main UK equity market or companies in the Numis Smaller Companies Index at the time of purchase.

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company address 14 Melville Street EH3 7NS United Kingdom WEBSITE- 

company websitehttps://www.aberforth.co.uk/about-aberforth/

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