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Yellow Cake is a uranium-centred organisation offering direct exposure to the spot uranium cost without exploration, improvement, mining, or preparing hazard. Yellowcake is a solid composite uranium oxide created from uranium metal to measure uranium recovery (processing). The material is a combination of uranium oxides, which is yellow in colour (contingent on the degree of contaminations) following drying. Yellowcake is then delivered from the mine to authorised handling offices for transformation, improvement, and manufacture into atomic fuel.

The Company is centred around buy and holding triuranium octoxide (U3O8). Likewise, it is centred around the buy, deal, and exchange of uranium through the Kazatomprom Contract and other long-haul contracts the company had signed. It is also associated with other uranium-related exchanges, including securing or manufacturing supply utilising streaming, eminences, or comparative systems. Yellow Cake has bought roughly 9.6 million pounds of U3O8, held in a capacity account at Cameco's Port Hope/Blind River office in Ontario, Canada.

Their essential competitive edge is our drawn-out agreement with NAC Kazatomprom JSC ("Kazatomprom"), the biggest and one of the most reduced expenses makers of uranium worldwide. The deal empowers them to get uranium at a cost to be concurred preceding reporting the proposed buy, or any related financing, empowering the organisation to gain considerable volumes of uranium at undisturbed prices. This allows Yellow Cake investors to profit with any elevation in the uranium cost. 308 Services Limited upholds Yellow Cake's supervisory group; a uranium expert zeroed in on the uranium commodity markets. Worldwide business sectors offer restricted alternatives for acquiring openness to the uranium cost. Yellow Cake is planned to be a uranium-centred organisation without exploring, improving, mining, or handling chances generally connected with a working organisation. Thermal power provides around 11% of worldwide energy.

Nonetheless, a time of declining uranium costs has come about in altogether dropping interest in exploration for uranium, affecting the advancement of new uranium mines, and bringing about projected inventory shortages as worldwide supply falls beneath the request. The stock hole that has been made is being covered by optional sources, to a great extent from advancement suppliers depriving and inventories. Nonetheless, auxiliary sources are declining and, because of the time allotment needed to foster new uranium mines, a new supply may not be adequate to fill the stock shortfall.

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