XP Power Limited (LON:XPP)


XP Power Limited is a UK-based designer and producer of essential power control segments for the hardware business. James Peters established the organization in 1988. The organization is traded on the London Stock Exchange and is a part of the FTSE 250 index. Their item range includes AC-DC power supplies, high voltage AC-DC power supplies, high voltage DC-DC converters, RF power frameworks, DC-DC converters, 3 stage power supplies, custom force arrangements, and EMI channels.

The Company's section incorporates Europe, North America, and Asia geological. It plans in power control arrangements into the final results of blue-chip unique hardware producers, emphasizing the mechanical, medical care, and innovation areas. Its item classes incorporate high productivity/convection-cooled, chassis mount/open edge, configurable, epitomized and printed circuit board (PCB) mount, DIN rail, baseplate-cooled, through the opening mount, surface mount, light-emanating diode drivers, and conveyed power/hotswap. XP Power spends significant time helping clients plan and assembles items inside four objective business sectors, mechanical hardware, medical care, and innovation. Understanding the technical necessities and enactment appropriate to these particular enterprises guarantees the organization can add genuine worth during the plan in stage and offer help all through the lifetime of a venture.

XP Power has supply chain contracts with a portion of the world's prominent hardware part merchants. Every one of the items in the XP Power range is accessible through the inventories and sites of these merchants, serving more than 170 nations throughout the planet. These associations permit to offer most of their items from stock and broaden the significant degree of administration given to their clients. Many force frameworks require exceptionally yield voltage blends, novel control/status signs, and explicit mechanical bundling for ideal execution and coordination.

XP Engineering Services offers arrangements in situations where applications can't be satisfied with their standard item range or where clients require incorporated items.

The company offers the world's most vast and diversified normal item range, which furnishes them with authority to select the best and largest power platforms of force stages. They can rapidly convey altered standard force solutions. With nearby designing plan groups in key areas all through North America, Europe, and Asia, XP Power is one of the most prominent organizations in its industry.

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company address XP Power Limited 401 Commonwealth Drive Floor 02 Haw Par Techno Centre 149598 Singapore

company phone+65.6.4116900

company websitehttp://www.xppower.com/

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