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Tower Resources plc is an upstream oil and gas investigation organisation. Tower Resources was first listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM on 13 January 2005. The company was re-conceded to AIM on 17 June 2006 after it procured Neptune Petroleum Limited, where Tower Resources gained its authorised region seaward Namibia.

The company has investigation projects in Cameroon, South Africa, Zambia, and Sahawari Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). The company has two portions: Africa and Head Office. The company is an administrator of global licenses with attention to projects in Africa. It holds an interest in the Thali Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in Cameroon, which covers a space of roughly 120 square kilometers (km) and lies in the productive Rio del Rey bowl, in the eastern piece of the Niger Delta. It holds an interest in the Algoa-Gamtoos permit, South Africa, which covers a space of roughly 11,800 square km. It likewise has interests in the seaward Guetta and Imlili blocks and the coastal Bojador block in the SADR, which covers a space of around 72,700 square km. It has interests in blocks 40 and 41 of the boondocks Zambezi Basin, which covers an area of approximately 6,950 square km. The company has no revenues.

Tower Resources is building an African-based investigation and creation bunch, which means to have a reasonable portfolio going from investigation thorough examination to creation, essentially through its beginning of chances and its organic development plan. The organisation intends to accomplish this through:

  • Starting high-potential, section stage, investigation, and evaluation. licenses with a huge value interests (50-100%) that give the adaptability to allot while holding a material exposure in case of achievement.
  • Holding small value stakes or eminence interests in potential projects
  • Keeping up with the ability to work all through the investigation and evaluation period of a permit.

Since the time of its posting, Tower Resources has embraced various acquisitions and transactions that have changed its portfolio to convey a functioning and adjusted Pan-African resource base. The new supervisory group has zeroed in on communicating another methodology and business improvement, which likewise saw the company go into a long-term essential association concurrence with P.D.F. Limited in July 2013.

P.D.F. Limited is a worldwide oil and gas investigation exploration company, which provides an Outsourced Exploration Department (OExD™) custom-made to the company's extending investigation and new pursuits. This arrangement has added profundity and broadness to the company's new ventures empowering a stage change in the assets necessary to short-list the different avenues that the company is given in the investigation space.

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company address Tower Resources PLC 2nd Fl, 127 Cheapside EC2V 6BT United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.72536639

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