Founded by Richard Fairey in 1915, Spectris started off as a seaplanes manufacturing company, Fairey Aviation Company Ltd.  At present, the company provides high-tech instruments, test equipment and software for pharmaceutical, electronics and semiconductors, automotive, primary, and advance materials, and technology-led industries. It also provides leading instruments and sensor technology along with software and services. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1988 and renamed itself as Spectris plc in 2001.

The company tries to provide superior data and insights with the combination of hardware and software that can help customers to work faster, improve their work more effectively and efficiently. The company also provides support services like calibration, maintenance, training, technical support, and spare parts.

Spectris operates through four platforms: Malvern Panalytical, HBK, Omega and industrial solutions. The Malvern Panalytical is the leading provider of sensor technology, insightful data science and domain knowledge, which increases efficiency and innovation in R&D and manufacturing. It generally serves the pharmaceuticals & food, and advance & primary materials markets.

The HBK platform provides physical sensing, testing, modeling, and simulation solutions, which can help reduce time to create a perfect product, or help in product development, and offer a range of products that help in measuring strain, sound, vibration, pressure, force and load, and others. HBK works with engineers in the automotive, aerospace, telecom, and industrial industries. The Omega platform provides engineered and customised solutions and offers products and services for measurement and control of temperature, heater, pressure, strain, force, pH, flow, level, and conductivity. 

Omega serves industries like aerospace, food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, R&D, university and education institute and manufacturing and industrial operations. The industrial solutions platform includes high value, niche businesses with strong market and potential to grow asnd includes businesses, like NDC Technologies, Particle Measuring Systems, Red Lion Control and Servomex.  

Contact Information

company address Heritage House, Church Road TW20 9QD United Kingdom

company phone+44.1784.470470

company email[email protected]

company websitehttp://www.spectris.com/

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