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Established in 1880, Renewi PLC is a leading UK-based waste management company. It was initially founded as a construction company with its main operations in Scotland. At present, the company aims to be the world’s leading waste-to-product company by extracting value from waste, creating high value for its shareholders and other stakeholders, and help build a sustainable society.

The group handles 14 million tonnes of waste a year, of which 89% is either recycled or used for energy recovery. The company follows three market-facing strategies: lead in recycling, lead in secondary material production, and increasing the value and quality of products and selectively gain market shares. Its internal improvement strategies are to digitalise the business to increase efficiency and customer experience and reducing the cost, simplification, and harmonisation of the whole process.  

The company operates through its three main segments: Commercial, Mineralz & Water, and Specialties. The Commercial division is engaged in total treatment and recycling of waste material. The operations are mainly located in the Netherlands and Belgium. It provides a wide range of waste-to-product solutions like paper, glass, recovered fuels, biogas, plastic, metal, ICOPOWER pellets, metal blacks, digestate/compost, wood chips, granules and essential Oils. It contributes 65% of Renewi’s revenues and has operations in over 109 sites in the Benelux. It can be further divided into Construction and Demolition (C&D) and Industrial and Commercial (I&C). The C&D operations are focused on the Netherland. 

The Mineralz & Water division has three units: ATM, CFS and Mineralz. ATM is one of the largest businesses in entire Europe, which is involved in treatment of contaminated soil, wastewater, and oily sludge. It removes hazardous waste substances through its four sites and sales offices in Belgium, Germany, and Spain. CFS treats contaminated water and sludge to produce clean water, which is further used as fuel for power stations. Mineralz is engaged in cleaning contaminated soil and recycling mineral residues and turn them into secondary raw materials. Its new raw material from mineral waste is sold under the brand name of FORZ.

The Specialties division is divided into three units that are Municipal, Coolrec and Maltha. Municipal operates waste treatment facilities and is engaged in diverting waste away from the landfill at a cost efficient and sustainable way. It is a part of long-term PFI or PPP contract between Renewi and the associated city council.  Coolrec is engaged in recovering plastics, ferrous and non- ferrous metals from waste electrical and electronic equipment and manufacture secondary raw materials from them at its nine sites in Netherlands, Belgium, and France. The Maltha is one of the largest glass recycling business in Europe and is jointly run by the waste-to-product company and glass manufacturer Owens-Illinois. They have eight sites located in Benelux, France, Portugal, and Hungary.


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