Polymetal International Plc (LON:POLY)


Founded in 1998 by Alexander Nesis, Polymetal International Plc is Cyprus-based precious metal mining group, operating in Russia and Kazakhstan. The company is a top-10 global gold producer and top-5 global silver producer.  It has the portfolio of nine gold and silver assets and three major projects under development. The company shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Astana International Exchange and Moscow Stock Exchange and is also a constitute of FTSE 100, FTSE Gold Mines and MSCI Russia.

The company’s objective is to generate significant free cash flow and creating high and attractive value for its stake holders by building the long-term future, investing in high-quality asset portfolio and exploration, and maintaining efficient operating and financial performance. The company’s assets in Russia include Dukat Hub, Omolon Hub, Amursk Pox, Albazino, Mayskoye, Svetloye and Voro

Dukat is the wholly owned asset of the company and is the world’s third largest silver deposit, with operating mines located in Dukat, Goltsovoye, Lunnoye and perevalnoye. The Omolon Hub is the wholly owned by the company and its deposits, Birkachan, Tsokol, Olcha, Burgali and Nevenrekan.

The Amursk POX hub asset is wholly owned by the company and is the Russia’s first pressure oxidation plant and the company’s one of the largest projects that combines operations around one processing facility. It comprises two high-grade refractory gold deposits that include Albazino and Mayskoye and three processing facilities.  The asset operates by the subsidiary, Amur Hydrometallurgical plant LLC, Padalinskoe LLC and Pacific Hydrometallurgical Plant LLC.

The Albazino asset is a high-grade refractory gold mine developed as a Greenfield project by the company and was acquired in 2006. The Mayskoye asset is a long-life high-grade refractory gold mine, acquired in 2009 to form the Amursk Hub project, with 3 Moz in additional resources. The Svetloye asset is the lowest cost operation of the company and Voro is an established gold asset with stable free cash flow and its lowest cash costs that consist of operating mine Voro and key exploration projects, Tamunier and Pesherny.

The company’s Kazakhstan assets include KYZYL and Varvara. KYZYL consists of operating mine Bakyrchik and exploration projects Bakyrchik flanks and Bolshevik, which is operated by its subsidiaries Bakyrchik Mining venture LLC and Inter Gold Capital LLC and the Varvara Hub consists of operating mines, Varvara and Komar and exploration projects East Tarutin.

The company’s growth project under development stage includes Amursk POX-2 and Nezhda, under evaluation stage include Veduga and under exploration stage include Prognoz and Viksha. 

The company operates through its subsidiary that includes Magadan Silver JSC, Primorskoye LLC, Omolon Gold Mining Company LLC, Albazino Resources Ltd, Mayskoye Gold Mining Company LLC, Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant LLC, Padalinskoe LLC, Pacific hydrometallurgical plant LLC, Gold of Northern Urals JSC, Maminskaya Mining Company LLC, Krasnoturinsk-Polymetal LLC, Svetloye LLC, Varvarinskoye JSC, Komarovskoye Mining LLC, Kostanay Exploration Company LLC and many more.

Contact Information

company address Parthenonos, 6, 3rd Floor 3031 Cyprus

company phone+357.25.558090

company websitehttps://www.polymetalinternational.com/  

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