Powerhouse Energy Group Plc (LON:PHE)


Founded in 2007, Powerhouse Energy Group plc is engaged in creating, designing, licensing, and developing sustainable technology to recover clean energy by using renewable or waste feedstock. It has developed Distributed Modular Generation (DMG) technology that converts non-renewable waste to generate energy, whilst producing an overall carbon emissions reduction. The resulting ends of waste products are natural gas replacement, hydrogen, electrical power and heat and chemical feedstocks. The company in 2020 acquired Waste2Tricity, which allows a clearer commercial model for customers and partners and its shares are traded on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange as LON: PHE since 2011.

The company’s DMG technology converts calorific waste streams into synthetic gas, which can be used for power generation and as a source of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, that improves air quality and solves the waste plastic problems. The company then licenses its DMG technology to other companies and it generates its revenue from the annual license fee and from the engineering services and technical assurance services for its specific client’s feedstock analysis and laboratory services, engineering during project development, analysis services and operational support services in the project development stage.  

In 2019, the company partnered with Peel NRE, one of the leading transport, infrastructure, and real estate investor in the UK, to develop the first UK Plastic Park in Northwest of England, with the company’s DMC technology for clean energy revolution. It is expected to be operational later in 2021. Its first commercial scale application of DMC technology is underdevelopment at the Ellesmere port, Protos Energy Park and Cheshire. The company supports the Hydrogen and Waste Plastic markets.

The company’s operations are principally based at Thornton Energy Park offers analytics services on feedstock for new customers, refining the chemical engineering model for process enhancement and new applications, development testing on the research demonstrator rig and associated laboratory equipment. In Thornton Energy Park its team manage the design development process for existing and future projects and it maintains a wide network of partners and support them with technical assistance and services, these partners delivers various markets in Europe, Australia and Thailand and seeks for opportunities for the deployment of the company’s technology.

Contact Information

company address 15 Victoria Mews Mill Field Road, Cottingley Business Park BD16 1PY United Kingdom

company email+44.20.33686399

company websitehttp://www.powerhouseenergy.net/

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