Founded in 1984, Oxford Metrics Plc, formerly known as OMG Plc, is a UK-based international software company that is engaged in developing and marketing analytics software for motion measurement and infrastructure asset management that analysis high volume and complex data to deliver precise, actionable metrics to clients in more than 70 countries. The company has expanded itself organically by launching Vicon in 1985 and Yotta in 2006 and and through strategic acquisitions such as House of Moves, Peak performance, Data Collection Ltd, Sensing Systems, Mayrise Services Ltd and IMeasureU Limited. The company’s partners include Adidas, Southwork council, Canon, Google, Europa Park, Highways England, Imperial College London, BMW, Gillette Children’s, Dreamscape, EA, Sony, Samsung, Oxfordshire Country Council, Oculus, Facebook, Disney, NASA, Dyson, Ubisoft, Vicroads, Loughborough University, Harvard University and DreamWorks. The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: OMG since 2001.

The company helps highways authorities manage their hospitals, road network and clinicians decide therapeutic strategies and Hollywood studios create stunning visual effects. And the diversity of applications is growing all the time. The company operates through two main divisions that include Yotta and Vicon. Yotta is a leading Infrastructure asset management division that offers cutting edge software and expert advice to make more informed decision about the way clients manage their assets. The areas company helps in managing are Highways, Any Asset, Street Lighting, Waste Management, Street Cleansing, Grounds maintenance, Drainage, property and smart cities. Some of the Yotta’s partner includes Panasonic, Telensa, Itineris, Pavement management services, Assetinfra, IEG4, Exactrak, Van Der Meijden, Integrated Skills, Enevo, EPM, Blue IoT, GPC Systems, PiP, Cimcon Lighting, Vaisala and greentalk.

The Vicon is a world leader in high precision movement analysis, supplying motion measurement systems for an astonishing range of applications from analyzing the gait of a child with cerebral palsy, examining an athlete’s performance, to creating visual effects in Hollywood blockbusters. In 2012, it launched the most accurate real-time entertainment software and in 2015, it floated the most intelligent camera platform. Vicon software and hardware’s has application in Life Sciences, Virtual Production, Engineering and virtual reality.

Contact Information

company address 6 Oxford Industrial Park, Yarnton OX5 1QU United Kingdom

company phone+44.1865.261860

company websitehttps://www.oxfordmetrics.com/

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