Nuformix Plc (LON:NFX)


Founded in 2008, Nuformix Plc, formerly known as Levrett Plc, is a UK-based pharmaceutical development company targeting unmet medical requirements in Oncology and fibrosis through drug repurposing. The company specializes in developing, discovering and patenting novel drug forms with improved physical properties, to develop new products in new indications that are differentiated from the original by way of delivery route, dosage or presentation, creating new commercial opportunities. It uses cocrystal technology to develop drugs with programs in oncology supportive care and fibrosis and to re-engineer the crystalline form of drugs. The company has an early-stage pipeline of preclinical and phase 1-ready assets with ability for value and early licensing opportunities. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: NFX.

The company’s pipeline includes NXP001, NXP002 and NXP004. NXP002 is the company’s pre-clinical lead asset and a potential novel inhaled treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). It is a new form of drug tranilast to be delivered in an inhaled formulation and inhibits pulmonary fibrosis by suppressing TGFβ/SMAD2-mediated extra-cellular matrix (ECM) protein production, presenting it as a promising and novel anti-fibrotic agent.


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company address 153 Science Park, Milton Road CB4 0GN United Kingdom

company phone+44.1223.627222

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