Next Fifteen Communications Group plc (LON:NFC)


Next Fifteen Communications Group plc is a UK-based communications company. It was founded in the year 1981 and its headquarters are situated in London, United Kingdom. It was incorporated in the United Kingdom, but mainly operates in the United States. Apart from UK and US, it has trading companies across the world. It is listed and traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange publicly and complies with the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. The company has many subsidiaries, which include Text 100, The Blueshirt Group, LLC, Mach49 LLC, Velocity Partners Ltd., Savanta Group Limited, Encore Digital Media Limited, Activate Marketing Services LLC, M Booth etc. These cover a wide range of services offered by the company, like online marketing, technology, public relations, policy communications, digital technology products and services, market research, media and analyst relations, brand and message consultancy, internal and corporate communications etc.

The company has five independent communications brands, which include The OutCast Agency, Text 100, and Bite specializing in technology, and M Booth & Lexis specializing in the consumer sector. Connections Media, Beyond, and bDA focus on digital content. Twogether specializes in B2B marketing, and Encore in advertising technology. It has many more brands for the wide range of services it offers. The company aims at building a high-quality and diversified portfolio to maximize the returns for all its shareholders. It focuses on long-term growth and sustainable value creation for the business as well as the customers. It is associated with a variety of leading technology firms, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro, Cisco, Telefónica Digital, Marriott. and YouTube. Next Fifteen Communications Group uses the latest technology and tries to keep up with the quickly changing trends in the market.

Next Fifteen Communications Group plc follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and aligns itself with an ethical code of conduct for running its business operations. It complies with the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) Corporate Governance Code and AIM Rule 26. It follows strict policies regarding board diversity and inclusion, gender pay gap etc. It complies with the Modern Slavery Act and strives to curb human trafficking and other such malpractices. It aims to meet the needs and expectations of its shareholders, while considering the wider stakeholder and social responsibilities. It promotes a corporate culture based on responsible business operations and ethical values and behaviors.

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company address Next Fifteen Communications Group PLC 75 Bermondsey Street LONDON SE1 3XF United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 207 908 6444

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