Founded in 1889 by the group of leading financiers and lawyers, Merchants Trust Plc is a UK-based standalone investment trust company aims to deliver a high and continuous long-term capital returns and dividend yield by focusing its investments in higher-yielding, well established and known large UK companies with strong balance sheet and potential to pay attractive dividend, it invests in a diverse group of investments to generate higher return with low volatility than its benchmark FTSE All-Share Index, this delivers shareholders with exposure to global end market.

The AllianzGI is the investment manager of the company, that is the leading investment managers that aims to understand the client’s needs and fulfill their needs by investing in a diversified portfolio to drive performance and reduce risk, it also works for many clients around the world to invest their savings in the multiple profit generating assets. The trust for 39 consecutive years has paid rising dividend to its shareholders and was listed as dividend heroes by Association of Investment Companies (AIC). The Trust invests in a wide range of industries such as Consumer Goods, Financials, Industrials, Oil & Gas, Consumer Services, Utilities, Health Care, Telecommunications, Basic Materials and Technology located in UK and its Top 10 holdings as of 30 April 2021includes GlaxoSmithKline, Imperial Brands, British American Tobacco, BP, WPP, Scottish Southern Energy, National Grid, Royal Dutch Shells, BAE Systems and Vodafone.  

The company diversifies its risk by not investing more than 15% of assets on a single investment and seeks to invest in minimum five market sectors, with no one sector representing more than 35% of the total portfolio. Its borrowings may not exceed it’s called up share capital and reserve and maintains the gearing range of 10-25% at the time of investments to enhance the future return. The company charges 65% of its annual management fee to the capital account and 35% to revenue.

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company address 199 Bishopsgate EC2M 3TY United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.32467513

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