Founded in 1979, Middlefield Group is a close-ended investment company that focuses mainly on Canadian and US companies that pays consistent dividend and are of high quality. It was based in Jersey, and got licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, UK. On May 2006, the Middlefield Canadian Income PCC. The objective of MCT funds is to provide stable income, capital growth with high level of dividends to its long-term investors by investing in high quality and large capitalization businesses in Canada. Middlefield Ltd is the investment manager of MCT, which is a private and independent firm in Toronto, Canada, and the investment advisor is Middlefield International Ltd.

The Middlefield Canadian Income PCC shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON:MCT. It’s the only Canadian equity fund company listed on UK’s stock exchange and also admitted to the FTSE UK ALL-Share index in 2011.

In 2020, MCT invested 67.9% of its fund in Canada and 32.1% in United States. The Fund’s portfolio invests in various sectors of Canada and US like communication services, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Financials, Industrials, Information Technology, Real Estates, Health Care, Utilities etc.

The fund seems to be attractive for the long-term investor as Canada’s political and financial system is stable and it is also a member of G7, as compared to other developed market Canada’s equities offer high yield. Since 2017, MCT has consistently paid excess of 5 pence every year. This provides diversification, constant cash flows and quarterly basis dividend every year to long-term investors. To achieve best results as compared to the overall market, the company managers frequently change the portfolio’s composition strategically and tactically and constantly monitor the Portfolio.

Contact Information

company address MIDDLEFIELD CANADIAN INCOME PCC 28 Esplanade JE2 3QA Jersey

company phone+44-1481-727-111

company websitehttp://www.middlefield.co.uk/mcit.htm

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