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Longboat Energy Plc, formerly Longboat Energy Ltd, is a UK-based investment company, with focus on growth through value accretive M&A transactions and creating significant value with the drill-bit, through near field exploration drilling and infill drilling in existing field. The company aims to create a full-cycle North Sea E&P business to offer high value to its shareholders. The company was established by the ex-management team of Faroe petroleum and to replicate its outstanding operational track record and provide significant reserves growth and production it is aiming to apply similar business model as Faroe for the company. The company’s shares got listed on the London Stock Exchange on 28 November 2019 as LON: LBE.

The company’s licenses include Egyptian Vulture, Rodhette, Ginne/Hermine, Kveikje, Mugnetind, Cambozola and Copernicus. The Egyptian Vulture consists of license PL939, which is located in the Halten-Donna Terrace region of the Norwegian Sea. The asset comprises deep marine tubidite sandstones of the lower Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Intra-Lange Formation, deposited in a same manner as in the Solberg gas-condensate and Rodriguez discoveries.

The Rodhette license is the primary prospect located in license PL901, which is mapped as a tilted fault block. fault bonded on two sides and is located in the Western Barents Sea on the margin of the Hammerfest Basin. It is prognosed to comprise fluvial shoreface deposits within the Jurassic Sto formation, which is located in the nearby Tonerose wells to the east. The Ginne/Hermine asset consists of PL1060 license, located in the Norwegian Sea. Its prospect is sub-divided into three segments that include Ginny North, South and Central.  The Kveikje asset consists of PL293 B license, which is located in the Lomre Terrace region of the Norwegian North Sea. It is mapped as an injectite feature with structural and stratigraphic elements.

The Mugnetind asset consists of PL906 license, which is in the Central Graben area, 11 km to west of the Ula Field. It is composed of offshore bar and shoreface sands complexes of the Upper Jurassic Ula Formation, which is divided into lower and upper Ula. The Cambozola asset consist of PL 1049/PL1049B, located in the Mange Sub-basin of the Norwegian North Sea.  It consists of two lobes that include Cambozola North, which is a stratigraphic pinch out trap and Cambozola South, which is a structural element to the south east. The Copernicus asset consists of PL1017 license, which is located on the Utgard High in the Voring Basin region of the Norwegian Sea. It is a combination trap with mapped stratigraphic pinch out down-dip and a small structural component at the apex.

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company address 5th Floor, One New Change EC4M 9AF United Kingdom

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