Founded on 21 March 1969 as a jukebox retail and repair business in Toyonaka City in Japan by Kagemasa Kozuki, Konami Holding Corporation, formerly known as Konami Corporation, is a Japan-based company engaged in Digital Entertainment, Gaming & Systems, Amusement and sports businesses operates in the field of Entertainment and sports. The company’s shares are currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1988 and the London Stock Exchange since 1999.

The company aims to be a business that will continue to keep its stakeholders always looking forward with anticipation as it create and offers its current and potential customers with highest level products and services that offer “valuable time”. The company operates through four core business divisions that include Digital Entertainment, Amusement, Gaming & Systems and Sports. The Digital Entertainment segment offer unique game content and user experiences by responding to changing customer needs. It is engaged in production and sale of card games, mobile games, computer and video games, cloud games and other digital content across Japan, Europe, North America and Asia. Recently it also started offering titles on cloud gaming platforms and various devices to further strengthen its subscription type services.

The Amusement segment is engaged in designing, manufacturing and sales of amusement machines and online game services. It also actively promotes global business development. Recently the company aims to create new forms of entertainment such as holding of the up and coming esports championships in Japan and across the world. Its products include Mah-Jong Fight Club Shippu, Busou Shinki Armored Princess Battle Conductor, Mah-Jong Fight Club Shin, Sound Voltex Exceed Gear, Sengoku Collection 4 and Fortune Trinity.

The Gaming & System segment develops, manufactures, distributes and services gaming machines and casino management systems for the casino market across North America, Oceania and Asia. Its products include Dimension 49J, Dimension 27, KX 43 and Synkros. The Sports segment is engaged in operating clubs and sports classes such as gymnastics, soccer, golf, swimming, dance and tennis, in addition it plans, develops and  sales sports and health related products. Its fitness club brands include Grancise, Konami Sports club and XAX.

The company’s subsidiaries include Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd, Konami Amusement Co. Ltd, Konami Gaming Inc, Konami Australia Pty Ltd, Konami Sports Co. Ltd, Konami Business Expert Co. Ltd, Internet Revolution Inc, KME Co. Ltd, Konami Real Estate Inc, Konami Corporation of America, Konami Digital Entertainment Inc, Konami Cross Media NY Inc, Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., Konami Digital Entertainment Limited, Konami Amusement (Thailand) Co. Ltd and Konami Australia Pty Ltd. 

Contact Information

company address Konami Creative Center Ginza 1-11-1, Ginza CHUO-KU, TKY 104-0061 Japan

company phone+81.3.66360573

company websitehttps://www.konami.com/

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