JZ CAPITAL PARTNERS LIMITED was first founded as Mezzanine Capital and Investment Trust plc (MCIT), which used to provide retail and institutional investor access to microcap buyouts in the US. In 2008, MCIT evolved to became JZ Capital Partners Ltd. (JZCP).  JZCP is based in Guernsey. JZCP is the oldest close- ended investment company listed in London Stock Exchange and authorised by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, which invest in the US and European microcap companies and US real estate with the motive to provide overall strong return and to create value for its investors.

Jordan/ Zalaznick Adviser, Inc. (JZAI), which was founded by David Zalaznick and Jay Jordon in 1986 is the investment advisor for JZCP.  JZAI and JZCP worked together for more than 35 years and supported by the team of professionals for the investments of funds in New York, Chicago, London, and Madrid.  JCCP has a strong history of providing Net Assets Value to its Investors. In 2012, JZCP started trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Specialist Fund Market (SFM).

The portfolio of JZCP is well diversified by asset types and geography, which reduces risk for the investors. In 2020, the company invested 42.6% of funds in the US Microcap, 39.5% in Real Estate, 11.5% in Euro Microcap, 1.6% in other and 4.8% is kept as cash and cash equivalents. The company invests in various sectors in different geographical region like industrial, service, real estate, transportation and logistics, gaming, energy, telecom, restaurant franchise, Health care, and others. 

The management frequently monitors the portfolio and change its portfolio tactically and strategically to enhance growth through operational focus and strategic acquisition. The management also continuously works with a network of intermediaries to find new investment opportunities rather than participating in auctions. To invest indirectly in commercial and residential properties, JZCP has partnered with a successful real estate team that purchase properties and if needed renovate/ reconstruct it. Until now, JZCP has invested in Brooklyn, New York, and south Florida.

Contact Information

company address Trafalgar Court, Les Banques PO Box 255 GY1 3QL Guernsey

company phone+44.1481.720321

company websitehttp://www.jzcp.com/

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