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ITM Power is a UK-based manufacturer of hydro energy solutions based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology to enhance the utilisation of renewable energy. The company focuses on its ability to provide a fully integrated system that can respond fast to the varying power requirements and produce hydrogen at a pressure and flow rate that can be appropriate for its application.  To generate hydrogen gas its technology uses renewable electricity and tap water and offers products that is scalable above 100MW+ in size. The hydrogen energy produced by the company is broadly used in three market areas: Mobility, Power-to-X, and Industry.

ITM Power’s product range includes HGas1SP, HGas2SP, HGas3SP and HGasXMW. HGas1SP is the smaller containerised PEM electrolyser system that produces high-purity, self pressured hydrogen gas and it able to produce 11 kg of hydrogen per hour, it includes one ITM Power high-efficient PEM electrolyser stacks. HGas2SP is the medium sized containerised PEM electrolyser system that can produce 22kg of hydrogen per hour and it includes two ITM Power high-efficient PEM electrolyser stacks. HGas3Sp is the largest containerised PEM electrolyser system that can produce 36 kg of hydrogen per hour and it includes three ITM power high-efficient PEM electrolyser stacks. These PEM electrolyser systems are used in refueling stations, gas-grid injection and other industries. HGasXMW is a largest modular based electrolyser system that produces large-scale hydrogen.

ITM Motive is the wholly owned subsidiary of the company that aims to be the leading operator of hydrogen refueling stations in UK. Currently, the company owns seven hydrogen refueling stations in the UK. The company is also engaged in three major projects: REFHYNE, HyDeploy and H2Mobility. The REFYNE project aim is to supply Clean Refinery Hydrogen to Europe and it is funded by the European Commission’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.

HyDeploy is an energy trial funded by Ofgem and led by Cadent and Northern gas Networks with a motive to establish the potential for blending up to 20% hydrogen into normal gas supply. H2Mobility involves the hydrogen projects in UK that are developed with the support of OLEV and the FCH JU. The company is member of the Hydrogen Mobility Europe program with the motive to provide hydrogen refueling stations in Pan-Europe.

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company address ITM Power Plc 2 Bessemer Park Sheffield S9 1DZ United Kingdom

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