Incorporated in January 2006, Henderson Far East Income Limited is a closed-ended investment company that seeks to deliver shareholders with capital gain and growing total annual dividend per share, from a diversified portfolio of investments from the Asia-Pacific region. It is an income-focused trust that invests across growing economies in Asia Pacific with aim to deliver income growth. It invests in businesses with high and sustainable dividends and that have the potential to grow their dividends. The company invests in a wide range of sectors that include Financials, Basic Materials, Technology, Telecommunications, Industrials, Real Estate, Energy, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples and Utilities across China, Taiwan, India, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: HFEL.

The company’s objective is to offer investors with cost effective investment proposition which offers access to a professionally and actively managed portfolio of investments.  It invests in a diversified portfolio of shares and other securities of companies that are either listed in, registered in, or whose principal business is in, the Asia Pacific region.  The company has appointed Henderson Investment Funds Limited as its alternative investment fund manager.

No less than 80% of Net Asset Value (NAV) should be invested in stocks listed in the Asia Pacific region and the remaining 20% may be invested in stocks listed or dual listed outside Asia Pacific, whose principal business is in the Asia Pacific region. It may also use derivative instrument for the purpose of efficient portfolio management or to generate additional income, while mitigating the risks. The company should invest minimum 80% of gross assets in listed shares, equity related securities and derivatives instruments, it may also invest in unlisted securities that are expected to list, convertible securities, fixed income securities, preference shares, warrants and collective investment schemes. Further, no particular investment should exceed 10% of net assets. The company’s portfolio is constructed without reference to the composition of any benchmark or stock market index. It may use gearing up to 30% of gross assets to make additional investments with the aim of achieving a return that is greater than the cost of the borrowing.

Contact Information

company address IFC1, The Esplanade JE1 4BP Jersey

company phone+44.1534.709108

company websitehttps://www.janushenderson.com/ukpi/fund/201/henderson-far-east-income-limited

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