Hansa Investment Company Limited is a Bermuda-based alternative investment fund, which puts in funds into third party funds, global equities, as well as other international securities. It was founded in the year 1952, and its NAV has risen substantially from c. £10 million in 1952 to c. £370 million at present. Its headquarters are situated in Bermuda, and it is listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange. The investment objective of the company is to create a diversified portfolio of high-quality assets, which helps in maximising the long-term risk adjusted income and capital returns for all its shareholders. The investments can be made in both listed as well as unlisted securities. The portfolio manager of Hansa Investment Company limited is Hansa Capital Partners LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

The investment strategy of the company focuses on undervalued investments. From the beginning, the portfolio of the company consists of UK equities, along with a strategic stake in Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited, while holds 24.8% of NAV as on 30 June 2021. Other top holdings of the company at present include Findlay Park American Fund (6.9%), GAM Star Fund PLC - Disruptive Growth (6.7%), Vulcan Value Equity Fund (5.6%) etc. The third-party fund managers, with whom the company collaborates through Hansa Capital Partners’ activities, help in exposing the portfolio to non-UK equities. The general public cannot readily access many of these investments.

The portfolio also consists of unconventional investments, which have a less flexible nature, and cannot be catered by larger and traditional fund managers. The investments are made in sectors offering high growth prospects, like biotechnology, and can also be made in assets with unjustified discounts on their actual intrinsic value, including investment trusts. The returns which are produced through this investment strategy may not mimic the market index movements. The board of the company takes more than one KPI (Key Performance Indicator) into consideration while evaluating the company’s performance as it believes that a single benchmark may not be able to provide the required clarity to the shareholders. The KPIs used by the company include FTSE Gilts All Stock TR, MSCI ACWI TR GBP, and UK CPI.

Hansa Investment Company limited follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and aligns itself with the AIC Code of corporate governance which addresses all the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. It also complies with the FCA UKLA Listing Rules. The company promotes the culture of integrity and accountability and upholds its commitment towards financial transparency. It follows strict policies regarding data privacy, frauds, and complaints. It has a comprehensive framework in place to manage its environmental, social and governance responsibilities, and focuses on responsible investments and sustainable business solutions and practices, to create meaningful value for all.

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company address Hansa Investment Company Ltd Ord Clarendon House, 2 Church Street HAMILTON HM 11 Bermuda BMU  

company phone+44 (0)20 7647 5750

company websitehttps://www.hansaicl.com/ 0

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