Founded in 1948, Gooch & Housego Plc is an Ilminster Somerset, UK Based leading photonics Technology Company with operations in USA and Europe, it is engaged in designing, testing, and manufacturing of the Optical systems, assemblies, and components for the OEM customers worldwide, often for deployment in harsh environment.  it works as the supply-chain partner for Aerospace & defence, scientific research, life science and industrial sectors, it offers systems and components based on a wide range of photonic technologies. The company expanded itself to become a world leading photonic technology business through strategic acquisitions such as: Cleveland Crystals Inc., SIFAM Fiber Optics, General Optics, EM4, Crystal Technology, Spanoptic Ltd, Constelex Technology Enablers Ltd, Alfalight Inc, Kent Perscopes Ltd, StingRay Optics LLC, ITL and Gould Fiber Optics.

 That company has 11 manufacturing sites of which four are in UK, six in US and one in China. It operates through its sales offices are in Japan, France, Germany, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The company employs over 900 people across its manufacturing sites. The Company got listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange in 1997 as LON: GHH.

Its wide range of product portfolio includes Acousto-Optics, Crystal Optics, Electro-Optics, Systems, Fiber Optics, Precision Optics.components and optical systems, specialty crystals, photonic modules, and a whole host of related engineering services.

The company operates through three core sectors which include: Aerospace and Defence, Industrial and Telecom and Life Science. The company maintains close relationships with its partners and offers them mission-critical technology such as Imaging optics, Photonic Components for Directed energy, Target designation and rangefinder optics, Optics-based Gyroscopes for navigation, space photonics, Infrared Countermeasures, Periscopes & Sighting systems, and mission-critical aerospace and defence optics, with applications under sea, air, land, and space.

The company is the leading provider of advance optics, acousto-optics, fiber optics and electro-optics to the industrial and telecom sector with applications in Industrial lasers, Fiber-optic subsea telecom, optical sensing & metrology, big science, machine vision and semiconductor equipments manufacturing and instrumentation.   

The company offers advance optics, acousto-optics, fiber-optics and pockels cells to the medical system and Instrumentation OEMs, it provides solutions for critical care, medical imagining, laser surgical systems, medical research, and laboratory application.

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company address Dowlish Ford TA19 0PF United Kingdom

company phone+44.1460.256440

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