GCP Infrastructure Investments Limited is an infrastructure investment trust. It was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Jersey. It is a close ended investment fund, running with the objective to provide long term, consistent and sustainable returns to its shareholders and investors. It also tries to preserve the capital value of its investment assets over a long period of time. It is able to do so by generating exposure to subordinated PFI debt, i.e. private finance initiative and other similar assets too. The investments made by the fund are mainly in infrastructure debt in UK. The investment portfolio of the company contains around 40 infrastructure loans. The portfolio primarily includes the infrastructure sectors in UK, which cover healthcare PFI, education, and renewable energy products, which help in generating enduring revenues over a long term which are backed by the public sector. The investment portfolio of the company focuses on risk reduction through diversification and investing in investments that are partially protected by inflation. Gravis Capital Partners LLP is the investment manager of the company.

At least up to 75% of the total assets of the company belong to infrastructure projects either directly or indirectly. These are the core projects of the company. These projects are supposed to be long term, and as they are backed by public sector, they have reduced risk. The rest of the remaining 25% of total assets of the company may be invested in non-core projects. This would cover the projects still under construction, utility sector projects that are being regulated, and projects which are backed by the private sector. Around 25% of the portfolio is dedicated to PFI, 15% to social housing, and the rest 60% to renewable energy. The investment sectors in general include biomass, anaerobic digestion, solar, wind, PFI, and supported living.

The company has a well-defined set of corporate standards and follows a business code of conducts for its operations. It aligns with the Modern Slavery Act, 2015 and aims to combat human trafficking. The company also follows robust policies, like whistleblowing policy, and other procedures that help in good governance and smooth running of the business. It also fulfils its social as well as environmental responsibility by promoting green and sustainable investments and business solutions that will help the future generations too. For its efforts towards reducing the impact of climate change, it has received the LSE Green Economy Mark, which acknowledges its contribution to a global green economy.

Contact Information

company address GCP Infrastructure Investments 12 Castle Street SAINT HELIER JE2 3RT Jersey JEY

company phone+44 1 534847000

company websitehttps://www.graviscapital.com/funds/gcp-infra/about

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