Ethernity Networks Ltd (LON:ENET)


Ethernity Networks Ltd is a leading provider of network processing technology and products and field-programmable gate array-based (FPGA) company. The company is listed on an alternative investment market (AIM) of the London stock exchange. The company’s headquarters are in Lod, Israel. The company engaged in the business of providing networking system on chip flow processors. The company’s solutions have been deployed on around 700,000 platforms globally.

The company is engaged in developing and providing high-end network data processing technology for carrier Ethernet switching such as mobile backhaul, data centers, broadband access and carrier Ethernet demarcation. The company offers various products such as ACE NIC, ENET38xx PW, ENET4800, ACE NIC, ENET3875 / G.999.1, ENET4200, ENET38xxZ/99, ENET 48xx evaluation board, ENET38xx and ENET 38xx evaluation board. The company provides a technology called FPGA is allow using field-programmable gate array for Ethernet access, data centers, telecom and mobile backhaul. The company also offers our 5G Solutions including 5G UPF, 5G DU vRouter, ACE-NIC100 for 5G Performance & VNF Offload, and 5G Cell Site Gateway, and the company’s 5G solutions are dependent on its unique patented technology that allows maximum networking features in minimal FPGA space. The company is focused on providing complete solutions to its customers that upgrade networks to 5G performance, adapt the changes quickly according to the needs of a customer, improve time-to-market and facilitate 5G deployment.

The company also provides FPGA based networking and security solutions to telco/cloud equipment manufacturers and system integrators, the solutions include broadband access, carrier Ethernet switching, ENET Wireless Backhaul, network virtualization and SDN, vRouter VNF Acceleration, load balancing, mobile backhaul, smart NIC, radio access, 5G DU vRouter, 5G UPF Acceleration, 5G Cell Site Router, D-WAN Acceleration, Carrier Ethernet on FPGA, BRAS VNF Acceleration, NFVI Acceleration, Network Security on FPGA,  and avionics switch. The company’s Specialties include Programmable hardware, Edge Virtualization, Data pass acceleration, SmartNIC, NVF/SDN, VNF Offload, Carrier Ethernet, Data Flow Processing, Mobile Backhaul, All Programmable NIC, Broadband Access, Fog Networking, FPGA, Cloud Networking, ASIC and 5G.

Contact Information

company address 1 Hamelacha Street, Lod, 7152001, Israel

company phone+ 972 8 9150392


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