Founded in 1844, Elementis Plc is a leading specialty chemicals company that offers performance- driven additives that help to satisfy the need with its innovative formulas to its customers and industries it serves, based in UK. Harrisons and Crosfield is a legacy company of Elementis, which was engaged as a global trader of tea, coffee, oil, plam, timber and rubber, established by two brothers, Daniel and Smith Harrison and Joseph crosfield.  Elementis entered chemical business through the joint venture between Harrisons and Crosfield and Durham chemicals in 1947 with the motive to manufacture and market chemicals in Canada. In 1998, Elementis acquired Rheox to expand itself as a specialty chemical company and exits from its noncore businesses in food, agriculture, timber and building supplies, since then the company expanded organically and through strategic acquisition of potential businesses. The company is quoted on the London Stock Exchange as LON: ELM and is the constituent of the FTSE 250, it employs more than 1,600 people at more than 30 locations globally. The company is operating in 3 continents: Americas, Europe, and Asia through its 23 manufacturing sites.

The company operates through five core segments that are Personal care, Coatings, Talc, Chromium and Energy. The personal care division offers BENTONE HYDROCLAY series of clay-based rheology modifiers ingredients provides protection, moisturization, pleasant silky texture and deliver innovative and elegant sensory experience, its products include Antiperspirant/ Deodorant, Bath & Soap, Color Cosmetics, Hair Care and Skin Care. The Coating segment offers Thixatrol is environmentally friendly that is based on renewable raw material and needs low heat input and is used in heavy objects to a surface via a single spray application, it is used for Industrial Finishes, Architectural Coating, construction, Adhesives & Sealants, Inks, Speciality Applications and Colorant Dispersions. The Talc segment provides high quality, high performing and environmentally friendly products that are used to strengthen the products such as long-life of plastics used for industry application and are customized to the specific needs, its products include Plastics, paints & coatings, ceramics, polyester putties, paper, pulp, and food & pharma.

The Chromium division produces high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly leather products, Basic Chrome Sulfate, chromic acid, chromic oxide, sodium dichromate and sodium sulfate. The Energy division offers a range of organically modified bentonite clay, hectorite clay and polymer-based additives that are used in drilling, simulation and cementing applications, its products include Stimylatopn, Drilling Fluid Additives and Lubricant Additives.   

Contact Information

company address Caroline House 55-57 High Holborn London WC1V 6DX, United Kingdom

company phone+44 0 207 067 2999

company websitehttp://www.elementisplc.com

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