Founded in 1821 as a printer and stationer, De La Rue Plc is a UK-based world’s largest commercial banknote printer with customers across the globe including central banks, governments and leading brands. The company offers governments and businesses with products and services that underpin personal identity, integrity of trade and the movement of goods. It helps economies to trade and grow and allow businesses to sell. The company operates in the fundamental areas of cash supply chain, citizen identity needs and product authentication. The company operates in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Middle East & Africa and closely works with governments, businesses and central banks of over 140 countries. The company’s shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange since 1947 as LON: DLAR.

The company operates through two customer-facing divisions that include Currency and Authentication, with joint support from both divisions from central functions including legal, finance and human resources. The Currency solution division offers market leading end-to-end currency solutions to more than half is State print works and central banks. It designs, develops and delivers banknotes, security features and polymer substrate globally to ensure safety, flexibility and global expertise. The currency solution division offers various products that include Safeguard, Nexus, Ignite, Kinetic Starcharome, Pureimage, Holographic, Gemini, Enigma and Mask.

Its Domain expertise includes DLR Design, DLR Analytics, Advanced Banknote, Counterfeit experts, Public Education and Operational expertise. The Authentication solution division offers software, physical security tokens and documents for product authentication and brand protection to safeguard revenue and reputations. It offers its services to wide range of government and commercial applications. The Authentication division’s market includes Government revenue solutions, Brand protection, ID Security components, and financial & secure products. Their domain expertises are holography, design and software.

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company address De La Rue House, Jays Close RG22 4BS United Kingdom

company phone+44.1256.605000

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