DFS Furniture plc is the leading UK-based sofa retailer, it was founded in 1969 as Northern Upholstery by Graham Kirkham with its first store located near Doncaster, UK. In 1983, the assets of the DFS furniture Limited were acquired by the Northern Upholstery with the motive to expand its business. In 2004, the company was acquired and taken private by the company owned by Lord Kirkham and in 2010, the company was acquired by Advent International, which is a global private equity firm, since then the company expanded itself in new markets with the help of strategic acquisition and partnership.  In 2015, DFS got listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: DFS.

The company aims to be the leading sofa retailer in the digital age through its three brands; DFS, Dwell and Sofology that appeal to different market segment and target majority of markets, the company has over a 34% of the market shares in the upholstery market and has a strong and well-established online capabilities which enhance the efficiency of the company and its distribution network, as a result the it has strong cash flow, market leading operating margins and delivers high return and capital growth. The company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, delivering and carry out after sales services through its network of showrooms and factories and it operates in UK, Ireland, and Europe and through its websites. The company employs more than 5,000 people and manufactures 20% of sofas across its 5 UK-based factories and wood mills and it operates its own distribution network of 20 distribution centers, over 300 delivery vehicles and more than 600 delivery employees who install products carefully into its customers’ houses, furthermore than 280 professionals are engaged in after sale services. 

The company operates through its three leading brands that include DFS, Dwell and Sofology. DFS is based in Doncaster and is the leading retailer of the sofas across UK with its 118-showroom network located in UK and republic of Ireland, eight across Spain, Netherlands, and its websites, it targets the customers with average national income and offers a wide range of leading brands created through partnership with UK’s leading home and lifestyle brands. Dwell is headquartered in London and operates online and through its 36 showrooms of which 33 are located near DFS showrooms which offers stylish, modern furniture, lighting and home accessories, and its customer’s trends to be older families in 35-55 age group. Sofology is based in Warrington and is the third largest retailer of sofas in the UK that focuses on product design and quality and operates through its 42 showrooms and its websites, and it appeals to a slightly more affluent than average customers.  


Contact Information

company address 1 Rockingham Way, Redhouse Interchange DN6 7NA United Kingdom

company phone+44.1302.330365

company websitehttp://www.dfscorporate.co.uk/

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