Ceres Power Holding Plc (LON:CWR)


Founded in 2001, Ceres Power Holding Plc is a UK-based fuel cell technology and engineering business with aim to offer cleaner and affordable energy to homes, businesses and vehicles. The company’s objective is to help in sustaining a clean, green planet by offering clean energy across the world. The company produces Fuel cells for power generation that do not produce combustion which result in energy with low or Zero CO2 and no SOx or NOx emissions and it operates across Europe, China, South Korea and Japan. . It allows the world’s most leading companies to offer clean and green energy solutions for future at scale and speed through a high-margin, asset-light licensing business model. The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2004 as LON: CWR.

The company licenses its technology to global OEM partners for royalties as those partners achieve full-scale commercialization and it benefits from asset-light business model, further the company aims to establish its SteelCell technology as the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology of choice for the leading OEMs around the world. The company has partnered with the leading global engineering and technology companies such as Bosch in Germany, Weichai in China and Doosan in South Korea and continuously invests in aggressive R&D to maintain its leading position in Solid oxide technology.

The company offers clean and affordable solutions through its SteelCell technology which is cheap, robust and scalable and it is made from mass- market and widely used available materials to tackle the serious problems like air pollution and climate change. SteelCell uses conventional fuels such as natural gas and Sustainable fuels such as Biogas, ethanol and hydrogen to generate clean power with high efficiency and it is cheaper to manufacture, efficient and reliable. The company offers Access to engineering services, Joint product development, Technology transfer, test capability and SteelCell Supply under License to its customers. The SteelCell technology is used by commercial, transport, data centers and distributed generation sectors. The company’s subsidiaries include Ceres Intellectual Property Company Ltd, Ceres Power Ltd and Ceres Intellectual property company Ltd.

Contact Information

company address Viking House, Foundry Lane RH13 5PX United Kingdom

company phone+44.1403.273463

company websitehttp://www.cerespower.com/

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