CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited is a Jersey-based closed-ended investment company, and mainly invests in UK and US. It was founded in the year 2013 and its headquarters are situated in Saint Helier, Jersey. The company is listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange publicly since the year 2013, and it complies with the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. It is basically a self-managed fund, and it aims to build and maintain a high quality and diversified portfolio with the objective of maximizing the risk-adjusted returns for all its stakeholders. The focus of the company is on higher income growth and also on returns from capital appreciation. The portfolio of the company primarily consists of sub-investment grade corporate debt, like European senior secured loans.

At present, CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited is the largest closed-ended investment fund that is listed and being traded on the London Stock Exchange, which focuses specifically on European Senior Secured loans and other corporate debt instruments of Sub-Investment Grade. The company follows an investment policy that focuses on companies that are domiciled or majorly operate in the Western European region.

The prevailing European credit opportunities investment vehicle of CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited is CVC European Credit Opportunities S.à r.l. All the net revenues received by the company are invested in this investment vehicle, which further uses these proceeds and invests them in the debt of bigger companies. A wide range of financial instruments are covered for investments by the investment vehicle, which includes second lien and mezzanine loans, senior secured loans, and senior secured, unsecured and subordinated bonds. The Investment Vehicle Manager of the Fund is CVC Credit Partners Investment Management Limited, which is regulated by the FCA, SEC, and the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited follows high standards of corporate governance and aligns itself with the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) Code as far as possible due to its size and nature. There have not been any cases of non-compliance to the AIC Code by the company yet. It follows an ethical code of conduct for running all its business operations and promotes a culture of integrity and accountability. The company respects the privacy of the customers and has strict policies regarding personal data protection to uphold the principles of transparency and gain the trust of its customers. The company focuses on responsible investments and acts as a good corporate citizen, to generate long-term returns for all the stakeholders and create meaningful social value.  

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company address CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited EUR Ifc1, The Esplanade SAINT HELIER JE1 4BP Jersey JEY

company phone+44 1 534815200

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