Bristol & West Plc (LON:BWSA)


Founded in 1850, Bristol & West Plc is a UK-based lending and saving products provider through distribution channels which was transferred to other legal entities within the Bank of Ireland Group. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Ireland group Plc since 1997. The company was a former mutual building society in the UK. The company’s core activity was mortgage lending for commercial and residential customers until 2009. The company’s shares are trading on the London Stock Exchange as LON: BWSA.

The company’s main activity now is to half interest-bearing cash deposits with businesses within the Bank of Ireland Group.  It also offers financial services across UK customers both directly and through partnerships with UK bands.  The company’s exposures are to the company of Bank of Ireland and the Governor with a long term senior unsecured credit rating of A- from S&P Global Ratings. The Bank of Ireland has a long term unsecured credit rating of BBB-.

Contact Information

company address 1 Temple Quay, Somerset BS99 7AX United Kingdom

company phone+44.117.9792222

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