BANKERS INVESTMENT Trust is a UK based investment trust. It was founded in the year 1888. The headquarters of the company are situated in London, England. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly and is also listed under the FTSE 100 index. The aim of the company is to achieve capital growth over and above the FTSE world index and achieve an annual dividend growth greater than the inflation, as measured by the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is attained by investing in listed companies across the globe. The alternative investment fund manager of the company is Henderson Investment Funds Limited. Janus Henderson is a global asset manager. It has over 340 investment professionals and expertise across all major asset classes.

The company works with the objective of providing maximum returns to the shareholders with capital and income growth, while reducing the risks related to investment. The investments are made by the company to achieve long term asset growth with the help of active stock selection and continuous monitoring of investments. The growth in income is aimed through consecutive and continuous growth in dividends which are greater than inflation, so that the actual value of invested money keeps appreciating.

The company tries to create and maintain a diversified portfolio of investments to maximize the risk adjusted returns. It invests debt securities, like convertibles, sovereign debt, or corporate bonds. The investments are made across various sectors and heavy industries, like oil and gas, aerospace and defense, chemicals, mining, general industrials and retailers, automobile parts and industrial transportation etc. Apart from these, it also covers sectors like tobacco, beverages, media, in addition to financial services, fixed line telecommunications, and travel and leisure. The asset classes it covers include equity, quantitative equity, fixed income, multi asset, and alternatives.

The company has well-defined corporate governance standards and a code of business conduct. It fulfils all its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities. The company follows policies for bribery and corruption, questioning board diversity, executive pay, accounting standards and upholding shareholder rights. It is also involved in charities and community service. It also focuses on using technology to provide sustainable business solutions which help in reducing the impact of climate change, by focusing on energy usage reduction, waste, and water management etc.

Contact Information

company address Janus Henderson Investors 201 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3AE United Kingdom

company phone+44 (0)20 7818 1818

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