Aurora Investment Trust Plc (LON:ARR)


Aurora Investment Trust Plc is a UK-based investment company with an objective to deliver shareholders with long-term returns through capital and income growth by focusing its investment on a portfolio of UK-listed companies. The company invests across a wide range of sectors that include Leisure, Retail, Construction, Financial, Insurance, Industrials, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage and other current assets and liabilities. The company measure its performance against its benchmark, FTSE All-Shares Index (total return), that represent the overall London Market. The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: ARR since 1997.

The company has appointed Phoenix Asset Management Partners Limited (Phoenix) as its investment manager since 28 January 2016. The investment manager aims to invest primarily in UK-listed equities, which can deliver high and enduring returns on their capital and the exact number of individual holdings may vary over time, but typically the portfolio will consist of 15 to 20 holdings.  The company may also invest in companies listed outside the UK or unlisted securities. However, it may invest maximum at cost price of 20% of the company’s gross assets in companies listed outside the UK and in unlisted securities at cost price of 10% of its gross assets. There is no pre-decided maximum or minimum sector exposure level, but to ensure that adequate diversification is achieved, the exposure are actively reported and monitored by the board. It can’t invest more than 15% of its gross assets in any one underlying issuer. 

Further, the company may invest in other UK-listed investment companies but not more than 10% in aggregate of the gross assets in any listed closed-ended investment funds and it will also not invest in any funds managed by the Investment manager of the company. It may also use derivates and similar instruments to enhance the return and preservation of capital. The company does not currently intend to use gearing but if board allows then the company may use maximum gearing of 30% of the aggregate of the paid-up nominal capital plus the capital and revenue reserves.

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company address Aurora Investment Trust Plc 1st Floor, Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4AB, United Kingdom

company phone+44(0)20 4513 9260

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