Founded in 2013, AMTE Power Plc, formerly known as AGM Batteries Limited, is a UK-based leading developer and manufacture of Lithium-ion battery cells for specialist markets, with focus on launching a series of nest generation battery cells based on new chemistries and cell structures that are designed to solve complex problems in energy performance, power delivery and safety, to support markets where safety, power and challenging environments need new battery chemistries and cell performance. The company’s products and services have application in automotive, aerospace, energy storage, and specialized markets. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange Since March 2021 as LON: AMTE.


The company’s product portfolio includes Ultra high-power (UHP), Ultra Energy (UE), Ultra Safe (US) and Ultra Prime (UPr), the Ultra High-power product is a cell designed for high-performance hybrid vehicles, with ability to deliver power at a very high rate (>35C), consistently and without fault and is being included in a number of key automotive and motosport programmes. Ulta Energy products are designed around the energy need and to offer market beating range an energy density optimizing AMTE IP, that are available in 21700 cylindrical cell formats. The Ultra Safe Sodium-ion chemistry products offer inherently, high performance and cost-effective battery solution for energy storage, transportation, back-up power and energy in remote locations.


The Ultra Prime cell is a non-rechargeable cell with high temperature performance and high energy density for use in some of the most difficult environments. The company’s services include Product development and commercialization, small scale manufacture and supply and module and pack build. The Product development and commercialization services help its customers in the development of new battery cell technology with a focus on design for manufacture. The scale manufacture and supply services help in manufacturing advanced Lithium battery cells, non-rechargeable lithium cells and supply rechargeable Li-ion and non-rechargeable Lithium cells.  The module and pack build team works with a design and manufacturing facility to create and supply batteries for e-mobility, Automotive, Energy storage and industrial portable applications.

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company address Denchi House Thurso Business Park Thurso Caithness KW14 7XW

company phone+44 (0) 1847 867200

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