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Founded in 2006, AFC Energy is a UK-based leading Alkaline Fuel Cell power company that offers best quality performance and lowest operating cost Fuel cells to decarbonise industry. The Hydrogen power (H-Power) system of the company is free from green house gasses and use patented proprietary design to ensure high efficiency, vigorous design and economic operation. The company is committed continuously innovate, develop and improve its product rage to achieve a net zero carbon future. The Hydropower is used in Electric vehicle charging, Industrial, Blogas, Off-Grid Locations and Temporary power and Peak shaving and its focus industries are Mobility, Construction, Mining, Industrial, Data Centers, OEM and Electrochemical. The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2007 as LON: AFC.

The company’s three supply chain partners are De Nora, Advanced Plastics and Rolec. De Nora offers electrodes and coatings for electrochemical processes to various industries and it partnered with AFC Energy in 2016 for the mass production of fuel cell electrodes. The Advance plastics offer a range of technical injection molded products for blue-chip clients and help the company to produce fuel cell flow plates. The Rolec and the company works together to integrate the H-Power EV charger system.

The company partnered with five companies that are Extreme E, ABB, Juelich, ACCIONA and Mace. The company partnered with Extreme E in July 2020 with the motive to supply zero emission, off-grid power and hydrogen fuelled to its groundbreaking inaugural electric SUV racing series. The company partnered with ABB in December 2020 with the aim to create the next generation of high-power electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for distribution through ABB’s market channel. In September 2020 the company sold 100KW H-Power alkaline fuel cell system for living lab energy campus in Germany to Forschungszentrum Julich, which is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary research institute and is working with German and global partners.  The company partnered with ACCIONA in June 2020 to support the global constructors’ strategy to decarbonise their development sites. The company partnered with Mace Group, a leading international consultancy and construction business, in March 2021 to develop long term UK and international deployment strategies to support construction sites in transition from highly pollutant diesel generators to zero emission hydrogen generators.

AFC Energy products include HydroX-Cell (L), HydroX-Cell(S), AlkaMem and Auxiliary Equipment. HydroX-Cell (L) is a low-cost hydrogen fuel that delivers zero-emission and off-grid power generation to support industry.  HydroX-Cell (S) is the latest hydrogen power generation technology. AlkaMem – Anionic Exchange Membrane (AEM) offers a highly conductive and low-cost membrane technology for the Ancillary market applications, its applications include- Alkaline Water Electrolysis, Alkaline Fuel Cells, Fuel Synthesis, Electrodialysis, Desalination, Acid Remediation, Salt Water Batteries and REDOX Flow Batteries.

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company address Unit 71.4 Dunsfold Park Stovolds Hill, Surrey GU6 8TB United Kingdom

company phone+44.1483.276726

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