Discussing five key issues in 2022 Australian federal election

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Discussing five key issues in 2022 Australian federal election

Leaders have addressed key socioeconomic issues.
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  • Campaigning leaders have made sure they leave no stone unturned in addressing key socioeconomic issues.
  • Some of the key areas being addressed by parties are climate change, housing prices, and corruption.
  • Australians are affected by the soaring prices of goods and services, which have risen due to many uncontrollable factors.

As Australian voters gear up for the upcoming elections, campaigning leaders have made sure they leave no stone unturned in addressing key socioeconomic issues. This year’s federal election is especially significant as it has arrived alongside some exceptional circumstances. Australians are facing financial pressures from all sides, which has called for immediate action from leaders.

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Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have announced different sets of policies aiming to help the population. Though their policies differ in terms of the measures they have promised, they mostly revolve around the same themes. These themes have emerged as soaring costs of living and drastic environmental adversities rage in the backdrop.

Campaigning parties have managed to address some of the recurring topics among voters this year. However, individuals must take their decision only after being thoroughly aware of what each party has to offer. Here are five key issues that have constantly made their way into this year’s election talks.

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1.    Climate change

Australians have seen the harsher side of nature as raging bushfires and floods significantly disrupted their livelihood. Consequently, the public has demanded strict action on climate change, making it a key agenda point throughout the campaigning period.

It does not take much to realise how real climate change is, especially as natural calamities create upheaval in different parts of the world. Though Australian leaders have been late in gaining this realisation, they are now coming up with lucrative policies to battle climate change.

2.    Aged care

Another key area that voters have paid special attention to is aged care, which is among the top three talking points in this year’s election. While the Coalition has announced an aged care plan, Labor has promised 215 minutes of care per day for every resident.

Most importantly, both parties have promised to support aged care workers through pay hikes. The Coalition has offered bonuses of AU$800 for aged care staff and is spending AU$345 million to deploy pharmacy services in aged care facilities. Alternatively, Labor has made some promising claims, such as employing registered nurses 24/7 in every residential aged care facility and improving the food delivered to residents of such facilities.

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3.    Consumer prices

Controlling sky-high prices is perhaps every consumer’s top priority in the present inflationary scenario. Data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has shown that annual inflation is rushing at a pace of 5.1%. Additionally, the Reserve Bank has announced interest rate hikes right at the same time.

While both parties might not be able to do much in this aspect, they have vouched for temporary measures that can help lift some pressure off the consumers. Inflationary pressures have mostly stemmed from global factors, particularly supply-side snags, worker shortages and depleting trade of goods and services. The Morrison government has introduced a fuel excise cut, which has been criticised by Labor for lasting only till the time the population has cast its votes.

4.    Housing

Over time, the housing sector has expanded significantly, emerging as the heart and soul of the Australian economy. The past few years have been marked by soaring housing prices and a remarkable number of mortgages being taken out by Australians.

Both parties recognise the importance of the housing sector and have introduced policies for the same.

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5.    Corruption

Aussies had been promised a corruption-fighting federal integrity commission during the last election. However, the promise has not turned into a reality as the Morrison government has not taken action on this front. The Coalition’s proposed plan requires suspicion that a criminal offence has taken place before an investigation is initiated, which is incredibly difficult to get.

Alternatively, Labor has plans to deliver action on the same lines by the end of this year. Though no detailed model has been presented by the party so far, it has introduced a statement of principles. This includes plans to hold public hearings, take public tip-offs, investigate MPs and act retrospectively.


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