Company Code Company Name Sector
ZOG Zoglo Incredible Food Corp Food & Beverages
MET Metalore Resources Limited Oil & Gas
XPLR Xplore Resources Corp. Mining
BLUE Blue Thunder Mining Inc. Mining
SLMN Solis Minerals Ltd Industrial
FTJ Fort St. James Nickel Corp. Industrial
BAG Blende Silver Corp. Real Estate
RSF Rritual Superfoods Inc. Healthcare
AMO Altan Rio Minerals Ltd Mining
GUG Gungnir Resources Inc. Mining
ETU E2Gold Inc. Mining
GOM Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. Mining
GCC Golden Cariboo Resources Ltd. Mining
GER Glen Eagle Resources Inc. Industrial
PAL Parallel Mining Corp. Mining
ENGH Enghouse Systems Limited Technology
THM Thunder Mountain Gold, Inc. Mining
AUEN Golden Sky Minerals Corp. Mining
SDE Spartan Delta Corp. Oil & Gas
QZM Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd. Mining
CRB Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd. Mining
AMMO Bullet Exploration Inc. Mining
VGD Visible Gold Mines Inc. Mining
ESX Essex Minerals Inc Mining
IZN InZinc Mining Ltd. Mining
SPP Spot Coffee (Canada) Ltd. Food & Beverages
JTC Jemtec Inc. Technology
IMR iMetal Resources Inc. Mining
GSH Golden Share Resources Corporation Mining
RYO Rio Silver Inc. Mining
GPM GPM Metals Inc Mining
OOR Opus One Gold Corporation Mining
HAWK Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc. Mining
SAO South Atlantic Gold Inc. Mining
PDH Premier Diversified Holdings Inc. Financial
GB Ginger Beef Corporation Food & Beverages
USS Uniserve Communications Corporation Technology
KUU Kuuhubb Inc. Technology
IOT Innovotech Inc. Healthcare
RRS Rogue Resources Inc. Mining
WEE Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. Technology
MINE Inomin Mines Inc. Mining
GTC Getty Copper Inc. Mining
unlisted KB Crypto Crypto Currencies
LAC Lithium Americas Corp Industrial
unlisted SpendTheBits Inc Crypto Currencies
FP FP Newspapers Inc. Consumer
SNF Sunora Foods Inc. Oil & Gas
TRAD Voleo Trading Systems Inc. Consumer
WAVE Waverley Pharma Inc. Healthcare
ATX ATEX Resources Inc. Consumer
EKG CardioComm Solutions Inc. Healthcare
GQ Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd. Mining
SOCK Smooth Rock Ventures Corp. Industrial
CAG Composite Alliance Group Inc. Industrial
IBT IBEX Technologies Inc. Technology
BIG Bald Eagle Gold Corp. Consumer
BMV Bathurst Metals Corp. Mining
AQUA Aquarius AI Inc. Technology
LHI Lendified Holdings Inc. Technology
PAS Pascal Biosciences Inc. Healthcare
LTV LeoNovus Inc. Technology
VGL Vigil Health Solutions Inc. Industrial
MARV Marvel Discovery Corp. Industrial
VPI Waverley Pharma Inc. Consumer
FSX Fosterville South Exploration Ltd. Mining
RYR Royal Road Minerals Limited Mining
DV Dolly Varden Silver Corporation Mining
GSVR Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd. Mining
SPI Canadian Spirit Resources Inc. Oil & Gas
FO Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. Oil & Gas
GGM Granada Gold Mine Inc. Mining
AEX AEX Gold Inc. Mining
SGI Superior Gold Inc. Mining
FPC Falco Resources Ltd. Mining
PAI Predictiv AI Inc. Technology
CCW Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. Mining
BEX Benton Resources Inc. Mining
CNX Callinex Mines Inc. Mining
IOU IOU Financial Inc. Financial
SVE Silver One Resources Inc. Mining
OIII O3 Mining Inc. Mining
ORM Orford Mining Corporation Mining
FUND Katipult Technology Corp. Technology
PNG Kraken Robotics Inc. Technology
VEG Sol Cuisine Ltd. Retail
GMIN G Mining Ventures Corp. Mining
FISH Sailfish Royalty Corp. Mining
BSC Blackrock Silver Corp Mining
OSI Osino Resources Corp. Mining
TTR Titanium Transportation Group Inc. Consumer
PVT Pivotree Inc. Technology
GIII ReGen III Corp. Oil & Gas
LR Luminex Resources Corp. Mining
ODD Odd Burger Corporation Consumer
MAU Montage Gold Corp. Mining
KIDZ Kidoz Inc. Technology
OGO Organto Foods Inc. Food & Beverages
LOVE Cannara Biotech Inc. Industrial
CDB Cordoba Minerals Corp. Mining
AU Aurion Resources Ltd. Mining
BRN.PR.A Brookfield Investments Corporation Financial
GOG Golden Tag Resources Ltd. Mining
BMR Battery Mineral Resources Corp. Mining
IOM Assure Holdings Corp. Healthcare
MMG Metallic Minerals Corp. Mining
GRSL GR Silver Mining Ltd. Mining
F Fiore Gold Inc. Mining
GASX NG Energy International Corp. Oil & Gas
TGM Trillium Gold Mines Inc. Mining
CAD Colonial Coal International Corp. Mining
ALDE Aldebaran Resources Inc. Mining
SME Sama Resources Inc./Ressources Sama Inc. Mining
HAM Highwood Asset Management Ltd. Oil & Gas
SMD Strategic Metals Ltd. Mining
WMG Western Magnesium Corporation Mining
ION Ion Energy Ltd. Mining
SAE Sable Resources Ltd. Mining
TSD Tsodilo Resources Limited Mining
STRR Star Royalties Ltd. Mining
LLG Mason Graphite Inc. Mining
GG Galane Gold Ltd. Mining
CSO Corsa Coal Corp. Mining
QMC QMC Quantum Minerals Corp. Mining
ECC Ethos Gold Corp. Mining
SDR Stroud Resources Ltd. Mining
SPC SPC Nickel Corp. Mining
EP Empire Metals Corp. Mining
ZNX Zincx Resources Corp. Mining
VRR VR Resources Ltd. Mining
GLDL Gold Line Resources Ltd. Mining
RGD Reunion Gold Corporation Mining
AUAU Allegiant Gold Ltd. Mining
NRG Newrange Gold Corp. Mining
CCE Commerce Resources Corp. Mining
WIL Wilton Resources Inc. Oil & Gas
PPX PPX Mining Corp. Mining
VG Volcanic Gold Mines Inc. Mining
TAO TAG Oil Ltd. Mining
SHL Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd. Mining
SOI Sirios Resources Inc. Mining
KNC K9 Gold Corp. Mining
FMM Full Metal Minerals Ltd. Mining
CYL Ceylon Graphite Corp. Mining
PGLD P2 Gold Inc. Mining
DLP DLP Resources Inc. Mining
GRG Golden Arrow Resources Corporation Mining
SVTN Silverton Metals Corp. Mining
ELEC Electric Royalties Ltd. Mining
SEI Sintana Energy Inc. Oil & Gas
IVS Inventus Mining Corp. Mining
MXR MAX Resource Corp. Mining
NSE New Stratus Energy Inc. Energy
PLAN Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. Mining
TUF Honey Badger Silver Inc. Mining
VUI Virginia Energy Resources Inc. Mining
FUU Fission 3.0 Corp. Mining
EQTY Equity Metals Corporation Mining
SNG Silver Range Resources Ltd. Mining
TMRR Tempus Resources Ltd. Mining
SB Stratabound Minerals Corp. Mining
CLZ Canasil Resources Inc. Mining
TORO Pucara Gold Ltd. Mining
WRR Walker River Resources Corp. Mining
GRDM Grid Metals Corp. Mining
CBG Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc. Mining
SOU Southern Energy Corp. Oil & Gas
EPL Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. Mining
BEW BeWhere Holdings Inc. Technology
WCU World Copper Ltd. Mining
YNV Ynvisible Interactive Inc Technology
OSS OneSoft Solutions Inc. Technology
MCLD mCloud Technologies Corp. Technology
FRI Freeport Resources Inc. Mining
MZN Metallum Resources Inc. Mining
Unlisted Input Capital Corp. Consumer
OVT Oculus VisionTech Inc. Technology
YES CHAR Technologies Ltd. Industrial
CDX Cloud DX Inc. Healthcare
DTG Dynamic Technologies Group Inc. Technology
CFY CF Energy Corp. Energy
HOC Hunter Technology Corp. Technology
NFD Northfield Capital Corporation Financial
GGG G6 Material Corp. Industrial
ZDC Zedcor Inc. Energy
HTC HTC Purenergy Inc. Energy
INEO INEO Tech Corp. Telecommunication
RW RenoWorks Software Inc. Technology
PSYB PsyBio Therapeutics Corp. Healthcare
SIL Saint Jean Carbon Inc. Mining
RIWI RIWI Corp. Technology
ZOMD Zoomd Technologies Ltd. Technology
CANB CanadaBis Capital Inc. Industrial
NXG NexgenRX Inc. Healthcare
VCI Vitreous Glass Inc. Industrial
RET Reitmans (Canada) Limited Retail
AEP Atlas Engineered Products Ltd. Industrial
GOK GINSMS Inc. Telecommunication
MPT Midpoint Holdings Ltd. Financial
BLM BluMetric Environmental Inc. Industrial
DSY Destiny Media Technologies Inc. Technology
HAPB Hapbee Technologies, Inc. Technology
DELX Delphx Capital Markets Inc Financial
NIR Noble Iron Inc. Technology
BCF Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. Financial
YEG Yorkton Equity Group Inc. Real Estate
SPN Snipp Interactive Inc. Consumer
BWLK Boardwalktech Software Corp. Technology
RYU RYU Apparel Inc. Industrial
FLY FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. Industrial
TORR Torrent Capital Ltd. Financial
RTI Radient Technologies Inc. Healthcare
MIT The Mint Corporation. Financial
HIRE Hire Technologies Inc. Technology
THNK Think Research Corporation Industrial
CN Condor Resources Inc. Mining
MDX MedX Health Corp. Healthcare
GM GMV Minerals Inc. Mining
TIL Till Capital Corporation Financial
UI Urbanimmersive Inc. Technology
CTZ Namsys Inc. Technology
EAC Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. Technology
VIV Avivagen Inc. Healthcare
CBLU Clear Blue Technologies International In Technology
MYID Reklaim Ltd. Technology
TBLL Tombill Mines Limited Mining
CDA Canuc Resources Corporation Mining
PEAK Sun Peak Metals Corp. Mining
KG Klondike Gold Corp. Mining
KALO Kalo Gold Holdings Corp. Mining
OTGO O2Gold Inc. Mining
NU NeutriSci International Inc. Healthcare
VTX Vertex Resource Group Ltd. Industrial
EMNT Eminent Gold Corp. Mining
LUCK Real Luck Group Ltd. Financial
DE Decisive Dividend Corporation Industrial
XX Avante Logixx Inc. Industrial
NBLC Nobel29 Resources Corp. Mining
ASG Aurora Spine Corporation Healthcare
NPTH NeuPath Health Inc. Healthcare
OG Organic Garage Ltd. Retail
LEM Leading Edge Materials Corp. Mining
SFI Solution Financial Inc. Financial
TII Terra Firma Capital Corporation Financial
BSK Blue Sky Uranium Corp. Mining
HAN Hannan Metals Ltd. Mining
SEB Smart Employee Benefits Inc. Technology
GLCD Cassiar Gold Corp Mining
PHA Premier Health of America Inc. Healthcare
GAL Galantas Gold Corporation Mining
EDG Endurance Gold Corporation Mining
SRG SRG Mining Inc. Mining
UGE UGE International Ltd. Technology
RE RE Royalties Ltd. Financial
NEWU Newtopia Inc. Healthcare
CYM Cymat Technologies Ltd. Technology
GSD Devonian Health Group Inc. Healthcare
PLUR Plurilock Security Inc. Technology
PSH PetroShale Inc. Oil & Gas
TGH Tornado Global Hydrovacs Ltd. Industrial
MMA Midnight Sun Mining Corp. Mining
AKMY K.B. Recycling Industries Ltd. Industrial
GRB Greenbriar Capital Corp. Financial
MAPS ProStar Holdings Inc. Industrial
EMPR Empress Royalty Corp. Mining
COV Covalon Technologies Ltd. Healthcare
PUC Pancontinental Resources Corporation Mining
LPC Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc. Financial
VEIN Pasofino Gold Limited Mining
BKM Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. Mining
POE Pan Orient Energy Corp. Energy
A Armor Minerals Inc. Mining
NWX Newport Exploration Ltd. Media
ECM Ecolomondo Corporation Technology
KWE KWESST Micro Systems Inc. Industrial
ENDR Enduro Metals Corporation Mining
KC Kutcho Copper Corp. Mining
OTS Otso Gold Corp. Mining
MNOW Mednow Inc. Technology
CSX Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. Technology
NXO NexOptic Technology Corp. Industrial
CVV CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. Mining
SOIL Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. Mining
PSEC Prairie Storm Resources Corp. Mining
JNH Jack Nathan Medical Corp. Healthcare
SMY Search Minerals Inc. Mining
NGEN Nervgen Pharma Corp. Healthcare
SKP Strikepoint Gold Inc. Mining
YGT Gold Terra Resource Corp. Mining
BLOK GlobalBlock Digital Asset Trading Limite Technology
UCU Ucore Rare Metals Inc. Mining
CVX Cematrix Corporation Industrial
TRBE Tribe Property Technologies Inc. Technology
POPR PopReach Corporation Technology
SM Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. Mining
MNC Magnetic North Acquisition Corp. Financial
PTF Pender Growth Fund Inc. Financial
SYH Skyharbour Resources Ltd. Mining
GRF Green Rise Foods Inc. Consumer
EOG Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd. Mining
NCX NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc. Mining
REVO RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. Technology
NVBA Nubeva Technologies Ltd Technology
CBR Cabral Gold Inc. Mining
MPM Millennial Precious Metals Corp. Mining
QIS Quorum Information Technologies Inc. Technology
CANS Wildpack Beverage Inc. Food & Beverages
WVM West Vault Mining Inc. Mining
REG Regulus Resources Inc. Mining
MNO Meridian Mining UK Societas Mining
BMET BeMetals Corp. Mining
ITM Intema Solutions Inc. Telecommunication
SQD SQI Diagnostics Inc. Healthcare
WISH Wishpond Technologies Ltd. Technology
WML Wealth Minerals Ltd. Mining
DEAL Playgon Games Inc. Technology
AGLD Austral Gold Limited Mining
MVP MediaValet Inc. Technology
DBG Doubleview Gold Corp Mining
LPS Legend Power Systems Inc. Technology
TK Tinka Resources Limited Mining
KORE KORE Mining Ltd. Mining
JET Global Crossing Airlines Group Inc. Industrial
SPOT Goldspot Discoveries Corp. Technology
MCR Macro Enterprises Inc. Oil & Gas
NKL Nickel 28 Capital Corp. Mining
MUS Majestic Gold Corp Mining
AAG Aftermath Silver Ltd. Mining
ECOM Emerge Commerce Ltd. Retail
FLWR The Flowr Corporation Healthcare
TQ EQ Inc. Technology
ETMC E3 Metals Corp. Mining
PGZ Pan Global Resources Inc. Mining
MRS Mission Ready Solutions Inc. Technology
DSLV Denarius Silver Corp. Mining
FCA Firm Capital Apartment Real Estate Inves Real Estate
AZM Azimut Exploration Inc. Mining
AVN Avanti Energy Inc. Oil & Gas
ABR Arbor Metals Corp. Mining
SNM ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. Oil & Gas
GBRR Great Bear Royalties Corp. Mining
SPA Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd. Mining
IPT IMPACT Silver Corp. Mining
CYP Cypress Development Corp. Mining
CERT Cerrado Gold Inc. Mining
NKG Nevada King Gold Corp. Mining
CNL Collective Mining Ltd. Mining
LME Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc. Mining
ENW EnWave Corporation Technology
SSE Southern Silver Exploration Corp. Mining
BTR Bonterra Resources Inc. Mining
ARU Aurania Resources Ltd. Mining
EBM Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. Healthcare
MGM Maple Gold Mines Ltd. Mining
DLCG Dominion Lending Centres Inc. Financial
GRZ Gold Reserve Inc. Mining
IPA ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. Healthcare
JEV Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. Oil & Gas
EMW Euro Manganese Inc. Mining
SLVR Silver Tiger Metals Inc. Mining
BNXA Banxa Holdings Inc. Financial
HEO H2O Innovation Inc. Technology
QRC Queen's Road Capital Investment Ltd. Financial
LIO Lion One Metals Limited Mining
DEF Defiance Silver Corp. Mining
LA Los Andes Copper Limited Mining
NVEI Nuvei Corp. Technology
CUB CubicFarm Systems Corp. Technology
IFOS Itafos Mining
KSI, inc. Healthcare
BNCH Benchmark Metals Inc. Mining
PCLO PharmaCielo Ltd. Healthcare
ELO Eloro Resources Ltd. Mining
PKT Parkit Enterprise Inc. Real Estate
RCX Rock Tech Lithium Inc. Technology
NFG New Found Gold Corp. Mining
ITR Integra Resources Corp. Mining
AZ A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. Technology
SFR Sandfire Resources America Inc. Mining
VZLA Vizsla Silver Corp. Mining
ZEN ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. Mining
ORG Orca Gold Mining
PRB Probe Metals Inc. Mining
BCM Bear Creek Mining Corporation Mining
CRE Critical Elements Lithium Corporation Mining
RBX Robex Resources Inc. Mining
THX Thor Explorations Ltd. Mining
LUM Lumina Gold Corp. Mining
BSR Bluestone Resources Inc. Mining
QIPT Quipt Home Medical Corp. Healthcare
APM Andean Precious Metals Corp. Mining
MKO Mako Mining Corp. Mining
URC Uranium Royalty Corp. Financial
NOVR Nova Royalty Corp. Mining
HTL Hamilton Thorne Ltd. Technology
EU enCore Energy Corp. Energy
ISO Isoenergy Ltd. Energy
AUN Aurcana Silver Corporation Mining
SDE Spartan Delta Corp. Oil & Gas
CNC Canada Nickel Company Inc. Mining
REAX Real Brokerage Inc. (The) Real Estate
MAL Minera Alamos Inc. Mining
ZUM ZoomerMedia Limited Media
ML Millennial Lithium Corp. Mining
PNPN Power Nickel Inc Mining
MSCL Satellos Bioscience Inc Healthcare
CKG Chesapeake Gold Corp. Mining
CUU Copper Fox Metals Inc. Mining
ORE Orezone Gold Corporation Mining
EMX EMX Royalty Corporation Mining
PTK POET Technologies Inc. Technology
PRYM Prime Mining Corp. Mining
AMC Arizona Metals Corp. Mining
STC Sangoma Technologies Corporation Technology
SGML Sigma Lithium Corporation Mining
SLI Standard Lithium Ltd. Mining
NLC Neo Lithium Corp. Mining
WED Westaim Corporation (The) Financial
VERY The Very Good Food Company Inc. Food & Beverages
QUIS Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc. Technology
JRV Jervois Global Limited Mining
FOM Foran Mining Corporation Mining
ESK Eskay Mining Corp. Mining
EXRD Exro Technologies Inc. Industrial
BLN Blackline Safety Corp. Industrial
GRA NanoXplore Inc. Industrial
OCO Oroco Resource Corp. Mining
WE WeCommerce Holdings Ltd. Financial
ATY Atico Mining Corporation Mining
ARTG Artemis Gold Inc. Mining
FIL Filo Mining Corp. Mining
ODV Osisko Development Corp. Mining
MTU Manitou Gold Inc. Mining
DHR Discovery Harbour Resources Corp Mining
LAB Labrador Gold Corp. Mining
RHC Royal Helium Ltd. Mining
EGT Eguana Technologies Inc. Technology
ADD Arctic Star Exploration Corp. Mining
BHS Bayhorse Silver Inc. Mining
ART ARHT Media Inc. Technology
AUL Aurelius Minerals Inc. Mining
NEXE Nexe Innovations Inc. Technology
NICL Nickel Rock Resources Inc. Mining
BMK MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd. Mining
TAL PetroTal Corp. Oil & Gas
SIC Sokoman Minerals Corp. Mining
OEE Memex Inc. Technology
GXU Goviex Uranium Inc. Mining
VENZ Venzee Technologies Inc. Technology
ROS Roscan Gold Corporation Mining
ZONE Zonetail Inc. Technology
PTU Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. Mining
iMIN iMining Technologies Inc. Mining
KHRN Khiron Life Sciences Corp. Healthcare
ILC International Lithium Corp. Technology
EMO Emerita Resources Corp Mining
GBML Global Battery Metals Ltd. Mining
NAM New Age Metals Inc. Mining
NUG Nulegacy Gold Corporation Mining
PDM Palladium One Mining Inc. Mining
LTE Lite Access Technologies Inc. Technology
SIE Sienna Resources Inc. Mining
TMG Thermal Energy International Inc. Oil & Gas
MVY Moovly Media Inc. Technology
TM Trigon Metals Inc Mining
NXS Nexus Gold Corp. Mining
PUL Pulse Oil Corp. Oil & Gas
PRSN Personas Social Incorporated Technology
SCR Score Media and Gaming Inc Technology
RLV Relevium Technologies Inc. Technology
RHT Reliq Health Technologies Inc. Healthcare
WIN Windfall Geotek Inc. Mining
VISN Binovi Technologies Corp. Technology
AVCR Avricore Health Inc. Healthcare
AN Arena Minerals Inc. Mining
PQE Petroteq Energy Inc. Oil & Gas
SLHG Skylight Health Group Inc. Healthcare
PBX Powerband Solutions Inc. Technology
VXTR Voxtur Analytics Corp. Technology
NSP Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. Healthcare
KS Klondike Silver Corp. Mining
LMR Lomiko Metals Inc. Mining
IVI Ivrnet Inc. Technology
QNC Quantum eMotion Corp Technology
ABRA AbraSilver Resource Corp. Mining
YFI Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. Technology
ACU Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. Technology
MWX Mineworx Technologies Ltd. Mining
NHHH Fuelpositive Corporation Energy
SRI Sparton Resources Inc. Mining
MIR MedMira Inc. Healthcare
MN Manganese X Energy Corp. Mining
ATW ATW Tech Inc. Retail
SVA Sernova Corp. Healthcare
HPQ HPQ-Silicon Resources Inc. Mining
HVT Harvest One Cannabis Inc. Healthcare
Z Zinc One Resources Inc. Mining
NOU Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. Mining
AVNT Avant Brands Inc Healthcare
GDNP good natured Products Inc. Industrial
GRAT Gratomic Inc. Mining
ELXR Elixxer Ltd. Financial
DOC CloudMD Software & Services Inc. Healthcare
FORT Fortress Technologies Inc. Technology
NCI NTG Clarity Networks Inc. Telecommunication
FCC First Cobalt Corp. Industrial
TZR Terrace Energy Corp Oil & Gas
FMS Focus Graphite Inc. Mining
VXL Vaxil Bio Ltd. Healthcare
FCO Fabled Silver Gold Corp. Mining
NUMI Numinus Wellness Inc. Healthcare
AAZ Azincourt Energy Corp. Mining
BSE Braille Energy Systems Inc. Energy
FUSE Fuse Cobalt Inc. Mining
ID Identillect Technologies Corp. Technology
SEV Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. Technology
SAY Sparta Capital Ltd. Energy
WATR Current Water Technologies Inc. Technology
N Namaste Technologies Inc. Technology
FLT Drone Delivery Canada Corp. Technology
NDA Neptune Digital Assets Corp. Financial
SUGR Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp. Healthcare
VPT VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. Healthcare
QUOU QYOU Media Inc. Media
SOLR Solar Alliance Energy Inc. Energy
DM Datametrex AI Limited Technology
CLAS Claritas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Healthcare
DMGI DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. Technology
THRM Therma Bright Inc. Healthcare
LITT Roadman Investments Corp. Financial
HITI High Tide Inc. Industrial
CSTR Cryptostar Corp. Mining
ARCH Arch Biopartners Inc. Healthcare
AQA Aquila Resources Inc. Mining
APL Appulse Corporation Industrial
APX Apex Resources Inc. Mining
AGD Antioquia Gold Inc. Mining
ATE Antibe Therapeutics Inc. Healthcare
APY Anglo Pacific Group PLC Industrial
ANK Angkor Gold Corp. Mining
NANO Nano One Materials Corp Technology
AEC Anfield Energy Inc. Energy
BQE BQE Water Inc. Mining
OMG Omai Gold Mines Corp. Mining
SPDR Spyder Cannabis Inc. Industrial
ALY AnalytixInsight Inc. Financial
ANX Anaconda Mining Inc. Mining
GPV GreenPower Motor Company Inc. Industrial
AMX Amex Exploration Inc. Mining
ARG Amerigo Resources Ltd. Mining
AMY American Manganese Inc. Mining
HOT.UN American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP Financial
AGC Amarillo Gold Corporation Mining
MLY American CuMo Mining Corporation Mining
AMK American Creek Resources Ltd. Mining
AHR Amarc Resources Ltd. Mining
BRAU Big Ridge Gold Corp Mining
ALV Alvopetro Energy Ltd. Oil & Gas
ALT Alturas Minerals Corp. Mining
AL ALX Resources Corp Mining
AFR.H African Metals Corporation Mining
ATU Altura Energy Inc. Infrastructure
AQS Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc. Healthcare
BABY Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. Food & Beverages
ARH Altima Resources Ltd. Energy
ANE Altan Nevada Minerals Limited Mining
APN Altiplano Minerals Ltd. Mining
GRN Greenlane Renewables Inc. Energy
ALA AltaGas Ltd. Industrial
ATI Altai Resources Inc. Mining
AVX Altair Resources Inc. Mining
GENX Genix Pharmaceuticals Corporation Healthcare
ANZ Alianza Minerals Ltd. Mining
TRL Trilogy International Partners LLC Telecommunication
VMC Vicinity Motor Corp. Oil & Gas
AYA Aya Gold & Silver Inc Mining
AHP Allied Hotel Properties Inc. Real Estate
ILI Infinite Ore Corp. Mining
NPA Alphinat Inc. Technology
AFM Alphamin Resources Corp. Mining
AMM Almaden Minerals Ltd. Mining
ALL Almonty Industries Inc. Mining
DEX Almadex Minerals Ltd Mining
ORL Orocobre Limited Mining
ATD.B Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. Food & Beverages
KDA KDA Group Inc Technology
AKH.H Alaska Hydro Corporation Industrial
TOI Topicus Technology
PWM Power Metals Corp Mining
KIP Kiplin Metals Inc Mining
FOBI Fobi AI Inc Technology
RECO Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd Energy
LI American Lithium Corp. Mining
SSRM SSR Mining Inc Mining
AKT.A Akita Drilling Ltd. Industrial
HIVE Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd Technology
AIM Aimia Inc. Financial
IQ AirIQ Inc. Industrial
AJX AgJunction Inc. Technology
HUT Hut 8 Mining Mining
AGL Aguila American Gold Limited Mining
FNR 49 North Resources Inc. Financial
AFE Africa Energy Corp. Oil & Gas
AEZS AEterna Zentaris Inc. Healthcare
VNP 5N Plus Inc. Industrial
BITF Bitfarms Ltd. Mining
ONE 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. Technology
TMQ Trilogy Metals Inc Mining
AGG African Gold Group, Inc. Mining
DME Desert Mountain Energy Corp. Mining
TTM Datable Technology Corporation Technology
VWE Vintage Wine Estates Inc. Food & Beverages
APR.UN Automotive Properties Real Estate Invest Real Estate
ERE.UN European Residential REIT Real Estate
TELO Telo Genomics Corp Healthcare
AW A and W Revenue Royalties Income Fund Consumer
POM Polymet Mining Corp Infrastructure
MDNA Medicenna Therapeutics Corp. Healthcare
ABN Aben Resources Ltd. Mining
DFN Dividend 15 Split Corp Consumer
ALC Algoma Central Corp Industrial
ADN Acadian Timber Corp. Industrial
RZZ Abitibi Royalties Inc. Mining
AD Adamera Minerals Corp. Mining
DRX ADF Group Inc. Infrastructure
AME Abacus Mining & Exploration Corporation Mining
VLI Vision Lithium Inc. Mining
AAB Aberdeen International Inc. Financial
AFF Affinity Metals Corp Mining
AKR Ackroo Inc. Technology
APC Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Consumer
AAV Advantage Energy Ltd Energy
FAP Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Financial
AHC Apollo Healthcare Corp Healthcare
TVC Three Valley Copper Corp Mining
AT AcuityAds Holdings Inc. Technology
AAX Advance Gold Corp. Mining
USA Americas Gold and Silver Corporation Mining
ACD Accord Financial Corp. Financial
AXE Acceleware Ltd. Technology
ASP Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation Healthcare
ACS Acasti Pharma Inc. Healthcare
DII.A Dorel Industries Inc Industrial
FVL Freegold Ventures Ltd Mining
TCS Tecsys Inc Consumer
NEO Neo Performance Materials Inc Industrial
GAU Galiano Gold Inc Mining
VFF Village Farms International Inc Food & Beverages
ADW Andrew Peller Ltd Food & Beverages
III Imperial Metals Corp Mining
PPTA Perpetua Resources Corp Mining
AGF.B AGF Management Ltd Financial
CMG Computer Modelling Group Ltd Technology
LGT.B Logistec Corp Industrial
CHR Chorus Aviation Inc Technology
SGR.UN Slate Grocery REIT Real Estate
GPR Great Panther Mining Ltd Mining
MAL Magellan Aerospace Corp Technology
BSX Belo Sun Mining Corp Mining
FOOD Goodfood Market Corp Food & Beverages
CSW.B Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd Industrial
AD.UN Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust Financial
PEY Peyto Exploration & Development Corp Energy
BOS AirBoss of America Corp Industrial
ACQ AutoCanada Inc Industrial
MTA Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd Mining
ALS Altius Minerals Corp Mining
WEF Western Forest Products Inc Industrial
RU Rupert Resources Ltd Mining
XBC Xebec Adsorption Inc Energy
MOZ Marathon Gold Corp Mining
KOR Corvus Gold Inc Mining
SKE Skeena Resources Ltd Mining
KRR Karora Resources Inc Mining
DML Denison Mines Corp Mining
AI Atrium Mortgage Investment Corp Financial
RSI Rogers Sugar Inc Industrial
PSI Pason Systems Inc Technology
EFX Enerflex Ltd Oil & Gas
FRU Freehold Royalties Ltd Oil & Gas
HDI Hardwoods Distribution Inc Infrastructure
AOI Africa Oil Corp Oil & Gas
CHE.UN Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund Industrial
CS Capstone Mining Corp Mining
EXE Extendicare Inc Healthcare
LGD Liberty Gold Corp Mining
HLS HLS Therapeutics Inc Healthcare
EVT Economic Investment Trust Ltd Financial
TNT.UN True North Commercial REIT Financial
CWEB Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc Healthcare
AXU Alexco Resource Corp Industrial
AFN Ag Growth International Inc Industrial
MDI Major Drilling Group International Inc Mining
WFC Wall Financial Corp Financial
CXB Calibre Mining Corp Mining
NVO Novo Resources Corp Mining
GOLD GoldMining Inc Mining
CGI Canadian General Investments Ltd Financial
U.UN Sprott Physical Uranium Trust Industrial
JAG Jaguar Mining Inc Mining
CGY Calian Group Ltd Healthcare
MRG.UN Morguard North American Residential Real Real Estate
LGO Largo Resources Ltd Consumer
CGX Cineplex Inc Consumer
RECP Recipe Unlimited Corp Food & Beverages
DS Discovery Silver Corp Mining
HOM.U BSR Real Estate Investment Trust Real Estate
APS Aptose Biosciences Inc Healthcare
GCG Guardian Capital Group Ltd Financial
TUD Tudor Gold Corp Mining
MI.UN Minto Apartment Real Estate Investment Real Estate
CJR.B Corus Entertainment Inc. Technology
CNE Canacol Energy Ltd Energy
TF Timbercreek Financial Corp Financial
CUP.U Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd Energy
CYB Cymbria Corp Financial
PE People Corp Financial
CGG China Gold International Resources Corp Mining
NDM Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd Mining
NSR Nomad Royalty Company Ltd Consumer
AR Argonaut Gold Inc Mining
ZZZ Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc Retail
MMX Maverix Metals Inc Mining
MEQ Mainstreet Equity Corp Financial
ERF Enerplus Corp Consumer
WM Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd Mining
SIA Sienna Senior Living Inc Infrastructure
GSC Golden Star Resources Ltd Mining
EDR Endeavour Silver Corp Mining
PYR PyroGenesis Canada Inc Infrastructure
CVG Clairvest Group Inc Financial
SIS Savaria Corp Industrial
GBR Great Bear Resources Ltd Mining
GUD Knight Therapeutics Inc Healthcare
PGM Pure Gold Mining Inc Mining
PLC Park Lawn Corp Infrastructure
SOY Sunopta Inc Food & Beverages
MRE Martinrea International Inc Industrial
CF Canaccord Genuity Group Inc Financial
DRM DREAM Unlimited Corp Real Estate
MTY MTY Food Group Inc Food & Beverages
GSY goeasy Ltd Financial
ET Evertz Technologies Ltd Technology
RPI.UN Richards Packaging Income Fund Financial
STLC Stelco Holdings Inc Industrial
FSZ Fiera Capital Corp Financial
ARE Aecon Group Inc Infrastructure
NXE Nexgen Energy Ltd Industrial
GDI GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc Consumer
MEG MEG Energy Corp Oil & Gas
SBB Sabina Gold & Silver Corp Mining
ITP Intertape Polymer Group Inc Industrial
NFI NFI Group Inc Technology
SFC Sagicor Financial Company Ltd Financial
ORA Aura Minerals Inc Mining
MTL Mullen Group Ltd Technology
D.UN Dream Office Real Estate Investment Consumer
TSU Trisura Group Ltd Financial
NUAG New Pacific Metals Corp Mining
SVI Storagevault Canada Inc Consumer
WTE Westshore Terminals Investment Corp Financial
WCP Whitecap Resources Inc Oil & Gas
EIF Exchange Income Corp Industrial
LAS.A Lassonde Industries Inc Food & Beverages
AX.UN Artis Real Estate Investment Trust Financial
TRIL Trillium Therapeutics Inc Healthcare
CGO Cogeco Inc Telecommunication
LB Laurentian Bank of Canada Financial
CPG Crescent Point Energy Corp Oil & Gas
FIH.U Fairfax India Holdings Corp Financial
CRR.UN Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust Real Estate
ECN ECN Capital Corp Financial
EIT.UN Canoe EIT Income Fund Financial
HCG Home Capital Group Inc Financial
UNC United Corporations Ltd Financial
IFP Interfor Corp Infrastructure
TCL.A Transcontinental Inc Consumer
RUS Russel Metals Inc Industrial
CLS Celestica Inc Technology
BDGI Badger Infrastructure Solutions Ltd Infrastructure
EQB Equitable Group Inc Financial
OLA Orla Mining Ltd Mining
VGCX Victoria Gold Corp Mining
CUF.UN Cominar REIT Real Estate
CAS Cascades Inc Consumer
MRC Morguard Corporation Real Estate
CIA Champion Iron Ltd Mining
OSK Osisko Mining Inc Mining
JWEL Jamieson Wellness Inc Healthcare
SII Sprott Inc Financial
WIR.U WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Real Estate
NWC North West Company Inc Retail
LNF Leon's Furniture Ltd Retail
GC Great Canadian Gaming Corp Technology
NGD New Gold Inc Mining
DPM Dundee Precious Metals Inc Mining
FD Facedrive Inc Consumer
TXG Torex Gold Resources Inc Mining
SEA Seabridge Gold Inc Mining
SIL Silvercrest Metals Inc Mining
HBM Hudbay Minerals Inc Mining
DIR.UN Dream Industrial Real Estate Investment Real Estate
ATA ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc Consumer
KNT K92 Mining Inc Mining
ERO Ero Copper Corp Mining
LIF Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation Financial
FVI Fortuna Silver Mines Inc Mining
WDO Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd Mining
KMP.UN Killam Apartment REIT Real Estate
SVM SilverCorp Metals Inc Mining
SUM.UN Summit Industrial Income REIT Real Estate
PSK Prairiesky Royalty Ltd Oil & Gas
CHS.UN Chartwell Retirement Residences Real Estate
TSX Methanex Corp Industrial
MAG MAG Silver Corp Mining
FN First National Financial Corp Financial
LWRK LifeWorks Inc Technology
TA TransAlta Corp Energy
CFP Canfor Corp Financial
TCN Tricon Residential Inc Infrastructure
SPB Superior Plus Corp Energy
NWH.UN NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT Healthcare
LUG Lundin Gold Inc Mining
ELD Eldorado Gold Corp Mining
NHF.UN Northview Canadian High Yield Real Estate
AIF Altus Group Ltd (Ontario) Technology
CRON Cronos Group Inc Healthcare
AUP Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc Healthcare
SSL Sandstorm Gold Ltd Mining
REAL Real Matters Inc Infrastructure
PXT Parex Resources Inc Oil & Gas
CJT Cargojet Inc Industrial
IMG Iamgold Corp Mining
ELF E-L Financial Corp Ltd Financial
SRN.UN SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Real Estate
WPK Winpak Ltd Retail
LNR Linamar Corp Industrial
PVG Pretium Resources Inc Industrial
CPX Capital Power Corp Energy
PSLV Sprott Physical Silver Trust Financial
TRQ Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd Mining
SJ Stella-Jones Inc Industrial
PRMW Primo Water Corp (MISSISSAUGA) Industrial
TOY Spin Master Corp Technology
CG Centerra Gold Inc Mining
MIC Genworth MI Canada Inc Financial
HR.UN H&R Real Estate Investment Trust Real Estate
DSG Descartes Systems Group Inc Technology
PVF UN Partners Value Investments LP Financial
IAG iA Financial Corporation Inc Financial
FR First Majestic Silver Corp Mining
IPL Inter Pipeline Ltd Energy
AGI Alamos Gold Inc Mining
LUN Lundin Mining Corp Mining
FCR.UN First Capital Real Estate Investment Real Estate
PET Pet Valu Holdings Ltd. Retail
PBH Premium Brands Holdings Corp Financial
BHC Bausch Health Companies Inc Healthcare
CVE Cenovus Energy Inc Energy
IGM IGM Financial Inc Financial
GFL GFL Environmental Inc Financial
YRI Yamana Gold Inc Mining
X TMX Group Ltd Financial
WEED Canopy Growth Corporation Consumer
OSB Norbord Inc Industrial
QBR.A Quebecor Inc Telecommunication
CLL.A CCL Industries Inc Industrial
STN Stantec Inc Infrastructure
FTT Finning International Inc. Consumer
CIGI Colliers International Group Inc. Infrastructure
WFG West Fraser Timber Co Ltd Industrial
NG NovaGold Resources Inc Mining
EFN Element Fleet Management Corp Financial
GRT.UN Granite Real Estate Investment Trust Financial
CTC Canadian Tire Corporation Limited Retail
BB BlackBerry Ltd Financial
EQX Equinox Gold Corp Mining
LSPD Lightspeed POS Inc Technology
AP.UN Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Infrastructure
REI.UN RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust Financial
PAAS Pan American Silver Corporation Mining
NGT Newmont Corporation Mining
BTO B2Gold Corp. Mining
RCH Richelieu Hardware Ltd Consumer
ACO.X ATCO Ltd. Infrastructure
CU Canadian Utilities Ltd Consumer
FM First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Mining
XIU iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF Financial
KEY Keyera Corp. Energy
TIH Toromont Industries Ltd. Industrial
CAE CAE Inc. Industrial
CCO Cameco Corporation Energy
KXS Kinaxis Inc. Technology
PKI Parkland Corporation Energy
CCA Cogeco Communications Inc. Telecommunication
TFII TFI International Inc. Industrial
IVN Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. Mining
ONEX ONEX Corporation Consumer
DOO BRP Inc. Consumer
EDV Endeavour Mining Corporation Mining
BBU.UN Brookfield Business Partners L.P. Industrial
K Kinross Gold Corp Mining
TPX Molson Coors Canada Inc. Food & Beverages
NPI Northland Power Inc. Consumer
WSP WSP Global Inc. Industrial
AIS A.I.S. Resources Limited Mining
FSV FirstService Corporation Retail
WN George Weston Limited Retail
AQN Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp Infrastructure
SAP Saputo Inc. Consumer
BEP.UN Brookfield Renewable Partners LP Industrial
KL Kirkland Lake Gold Limited Mining
QSP.UN Restaurant Brands International LP Food & Beverages
FFH Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd Financial
SJR.B Shaw Communications Inc Telecommunication
ZSP BMO S&P 500 Index ETF Financial
PPL Pembina Pipeline Corporation Energy
MG Magna International Inc. Consumer
NA National Bank of Canada Financial
GIB.A CGI Inc Technology
GWO Great-West Lifeco Financial
IFC Intact Financial Corporation Financial
OTEX Open Text Corp Technology
DOL Dollarama Inc Retail
POW Power Corporation of Canada Financial
IMO Imperial Oil Ltd Oil & Gas
H Hydro One Limited Industrial
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation Mining
RY Royal Bank of Canada Financial
TD Toronto-Dominion Bank Financial
TRP TC Energy Corporation Oil & Gas
BNS Bank of Nova Scotia Financial
FTS Fortis Inc Industrial
AEM Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd Mining
CNR Canadian National Railway Co Industrial
ENB Enbridge Inc Oil & Gas
BAM.A Brookfield Asset Management Inc Financial
AC Air Canada Industrial
BMO Bank of Montreal Financial
CP Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd Industrial
NTR Nutrien Ltd. Food & Beverages
BBD.B Bombardier Inc Industrial
BCE BCE Inc Telecommunication
RCI Rogers Communications Inc Telecommunication
CNQ Canadian Natural Resources Ltd Oil & Gas
WPM Wheaton Precious Metals Corp Mining
CM Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Financial
CWB Canadian Western Bank Financial
WCN Waste Connections Inc Industrial
HEXO Hexo Corp Healthcare
ACB Aurora Cannabis Healthcare
APHA Aphria Healthcare
TRI Thomson Reuters Corporation Industrial
ANCUF Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc Retail
MFC Manulife Financial Corp Financial
SLF Sun Life Financial Inc Financial
CSU Constellation Software Inc Technology
FNV Franco-Nevada Corporation Mining
SU Suncor Energy Inc Oil & Gas
DND Dye & Durham Ltd Technology
DCBO Docebo Inc Technology
T Telus Corp Telecommunication
SHOP Shopify Inc. Technology
RNGH Enghouse Systems Limited Technology
QSR Restaurant Brands International Inc. Consumer
VMD Viemed Healthcare Inc. Healthcare
INE Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. Energy
AND Andlauer Healthcare Group Inc Healthcare
WELL WELL Health Technologies Corp Healthcare
GH Gamehost Inc Consumer
VET Vermilion Energy Inc. Oil & Gas
ARX ARC Resources Ltd. Oil & Gas
L Loblaw Companies Limited Retail
CAR.UN Canadian Apartment Properties REIT Infrastructure
CRT.UN CT Real Estate Investment Trust Infrastructure
ABT Absolute Software Corporation Technology
EMP.A Empire Company Limited Consumer
GIL Gildan Activewear Inc. Consumer
ATZ Aritzia Inc. Retail
MRU Metro Inc. Retail

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