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NZX Data Products

NZX Data Products

The New Zealand Stock Exchange or the NZX is responsible for the generation of market-based information depending upon the day’s trading session. While this information is published on the public domain and is available for consumption to anyone who is interested to read it, the people whom it is the most useful for are the investors of a particular Company, whether current or future ones.

How are these Data products useful?

There are several advantages of this kind of data products, such as ease to the users, easily availability and specifically required information being available. This saves a lot of time and effort of investors as well as general enthusiasts, as they can simply reach the targeted information at the earliest, without having to beat about the bush. This will keep you ahead of your competitors because you will have a more focussed approach.

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The NZX displays information through different channels, which are better known as NZX data products. Let’s understand how it works.


This form of market information offers vital details about the day-to-day functioning of the market  in an efficient format. This is a database that requires an account to be made, and then you can access the latest updates of market insight from anywhere at any time. There are 5 types of 1Search formats, namely NZX Rules, Market Activity, Announcement Search, Market Share Statistics, and Corporate Actions. They come with a different price range and user allowance per account. While you can select a particular format, you can also choose a combination of more than one, which means an absolutely customised interface according to your specific interests and requirements. The information you select can be made available in different formats such as PDF, Excel, Statistics and so on.

Announcement Search

Amongst other tools offered by the NZX, Announcement search is a very important one. With the help of this, one can access all the latest market announcements, which have been made public by different NZX-listed Companies. Whether you wish to access these announcements in real time or at a 24-hour delay, can be determined through the subscription package that you select. There is a range of filters that can narrow down your announcement type, you can search by keyword as well as through the name of the company. This excellent tool will keep a user updated in the live updates from the market, as they happen. The information can be accessed through the online access tool as well as iSearch.

Capital Raising Database

This data product offers specific information on issuer raised capital in the NZX market, starting from September 2008. This is made available in Excel format at the start of the month. The information in this data product is inclusive of Placements, Unit and share purchase plans, issues regarding renounceable rights, issues regarding non-renounceable rights, initial and secondary public offers, etc.

Corporate Actions

This data product specifically deals in corporate-related actions such as takeovers, mergers and different other activities that are conducted by company’s daily actions from time to time. This is inclusive of the complete list of debt securities and the current equity.

The Corporate Actions file is given out daily, which is a part of the information that will be displayed as an aggregate on the weekly CSV format basis. Besides this, there shall be a weekly diary which will be inclusive of market announcements occurred through the week, besides the anticipated changes in the positions of the listed Companies. All weekly files shall be delivered on Friday. One can choose from different kinds of accounts, which will be charged differently.

Customer Data Request

This product offers a range of market-related information and data to meet your specific set of requirements.  It can be customised to the time period and data points. The delivery of the same shall be as per the arrangement you strike as per your convenience.

Market Share Report

This includes three essential NZX reports each day, which will cover various aspects of trading on a day-to-day basis. This shall be on the basis of security and participant, keeping in mind the list of various businesses. There shall be two market share reports, according to the market as well as participant, which will be made available each month. These reports shall be delivered through CSV and PDF files besides iSearch.

Company Research Centre

This, as the name suggests, is a valuable resource of information as it is a complete historical analysis of data about NZX-listed Companies, their trends, and projections. This is regularly updated so you will have access to the most recent information on vital information like index and price histories, daily announcements made by the Company as well as its annual reports that date back to over 2 decades, information on shareholders, profiles and events, financial statistics, director searches, and so on.

The information is delivered through CSV and HTML files besides email notifications.

Internal Stock Market

This report is inclusive of a monthly snapshot of the performance of various companies. This is known to inform on volume, price, and various company trading stocks. This is one of the best ways for the internal stakeholders as well as the board to keep informed regularly.

XML Data Feed

This data product offers a data feed for live prices and announcements made in the NZX, which can be displayed on their respective websites. There are different kinds of XML feed options available such as Real Time and Delayed prices, Tables, Announcements and Charts, which have options for hovering over specific information.

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