Current Water Technologies Inc. (TSXV:WATR)


Current Water Technologies Inc (TSXV: WATR) is an Ontario-based entity that provides technology solutions for water treatment. The company is engaged in the distribution and development of remediation technologies to treat wastewater and drinking water.

For treating contaminated water, the firm provides advanced electrochemically based water treatment solutions.

Current Water Technologies offers ESD (deionization), AmmEL (ammonia), and NitrEL (nitrate) technologies to treat contaminated water. AmdEL Technologies prevent acidic leachate associated with sulfide mine waste.


This technology converts nitrate and ammonia into N2 gas. It is an electrochemical water treatment system that provides technology to treat groundwater, industrial and drinking water by reducing nitrate concentrations. In the whole process, it does not emit greenhouse gases.


It is an electrochemical water treatment system that provides technology for the oxidation of sulfide minerals in waste rock and reduces the formation of Acid Mine Drainage(AMD). It is used in mining properties.


ExtrEL is an extraction technology that is used to recover high-value metals from sulfide tailings and ore.


The company used this technology to remove ammonia from contaminated water. It reduces dissolved ammonia present in sewage effluent, municipal or industrial wastewater and wastewater from mines. The firm says through this technology ammonia is converted into nitrogen gas without forming carcinogen nitrate.

As a result, it does not emit greenhouse gases and produces low ammonium concentrations in the treated water, the Canadian firm claims.

Current Water Technologies also offers AmmEL-LC (Lower Concentrations) and AmmEL-HC (Higher Concentrations) technologies for ammonia treatement.

The firm’s Electro-Static Deionization technology helps to lower total dissolved solids present in the water. It is a cost-effective electrochemical water treatment that uses a deionization process to produce lower concentrations of (TDS) in water, the Ontario-based firm says.

Water is often contaminated with arsenic, nitrate, fluoride, perchlorate, ammonia, sulphate, metals or other ionic compounds from mining, chemical, agricultural, municipal and waste management industries. The deionization process removes all such contaminants from water and aids in recovering valuable metals or nutrients from treated water.

To further develop its water treatment process, the company has inked partnerships with Chemsbro, Saudi Brothers and Sawaco.

The firm says that its water treatment technologies addresses following environment challenges:
• Groundwater contaminated with nitrate
• High ion removal
• Metal contamination
• TDS concentration
• Scaling of cooling towers and boilers

The Canadian firm aims to establish effective marketing strategies and develop partnerships with international companies for further innovating and developing water treatment solutions.

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company address 70 Southgate Drive, Unit 4 Guelph, ON, Canada N1G 4P5

company phone519-836-6155

company email[email protected]

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