Vaxil Bio Ltd. (TSXV:VXL)


Vaxil Bio Ltd is an Ontario-based immune-oncology biotechnology that provides remedies for cancer and infectious diseases in Israel and Canada.

The company operates through its laboratory in the Weizmann Science Park, Israel.

Vaxil claims that its immunotherapy products are globally recognized for high profile cancer antigens.

The firm claims to have been founded by Israel’s top research university to treat infectious diseases and cancer.

The biotechnology firm develops immunotherapies like neoantigen-based peptides, and antibodies to treat infectious diseases and cancer.

Vaxil obtains its product from its acquisition platform VaxHit, which identifies and produces unique antigen-based immunotherapy products by using signal peptide (SP) domain.

The biotech firm primarily develops ImMucin, which has achieved FDA Orphan Drug Status by USA FDA and the EU EMA agencies. ImMucin product helps in the treatment of multiple myeloma cancer. ImMucin has finished a Phase I/II clinical trial for 15 Myeloma Cancer patients, reflecting strong immunity and safety profile, the firm claims.

The product is made up of the Signal Peptide domain of the MUC1 tumor, targeting the selected areas and linked with antigen (TAA). With ImMucin, Vaxil is aim to complete a different Phase I/II study to treat metastatic breast cancer patients with 1st line hormonal therapy.

The company aims to advance ImMucin products to treat COVID-19 and offers a tuberculosis vaccine. Vaxil uses signal peptide (SP) domains to produce therapies for cancer and infectious disease pathogens treatments. These (SP) produces strong T-and B-cell response across HLA subtypes. Thus, SP targets these cells by activating the immune system.

The biotech company claims to develop immunotherapies in collaboration with six specialized immunology scientists.

All the research and clinical trial data are available in Vaxil’s medical journals, including the American Society for Microbiology, Elsevier, BJH (British Journal of Haematology), Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, PLOS, and human vaccines & immuno therapeutics.

The firm’s is a junior healthcare firm listed on TSX Venture, with stocks trading under the quote of ‘VXL’.

Contact Information

company address C/O Kira Lynn, Bennet Jones LLP 3400 One First Canadian Place Toronto, Ontario M5X 1A4

company phone647 558-5564

company email[email protected]

company website

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