Avivagen Inc. (TSXV:VIV)


Avivagen Inc. is a life science company that operates in the pharmaceutical industry. It is specialized in providing science-backed natural health and wellness products to the global animal health market.

Founded in August 2005, the biotechnology-driven healthcare company is engaged in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of products that promote health and future growth in animals.

Avivagen mainly targets and services two markets:

Livestock health and productivity enhancement

Pet wellness enhancement – companion animals

The Ottawa-based corporation through OxC-betaTM delivers β-carotene-oxygen copolymer compounds that provide non-vitamin A. The non-vitamin A is a source of multiple functional benefits that improve the immune system and promotes growth and development.

This technology strengthens the existing health defense mechanisms of the body, mainly the immune system and helps in maintaining health and performance, naturally. Avivagen, with its proprietary technology, has provided non-antibiotic feed alternatives to animal food producers to replace antibiotics usage in livestock feeds and food production.

The oxidized β-carotene formulation is a combination of flavor-enhanced breakdown compounds that enhance livestock feed intake followed by improved productivity. The company says that in trial programs, OxC-beta products promoted timely healthier growth in animals than that of feed rations. This way, it also reduces rearing costs.

Avivagen sells its OxC-beta livestock products mainly in three locations – the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. It earns majority of its revenue from the Philippines. The animal health-focused firm also operates in the United States, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and other markets.

Reportedly, in July 2021, it made certain strategic changes to support sales and marketing operations in the Asian and South American markets. It works with several business corporations, namely, NRC-IRAP, Innovation PEI, BioAlliance, Allied Biotech Corporation, Food Science Corporation, CSA Animal Nutrition, UNAHCO and Melder.

Avivagen Inc is a public corporation listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol VIV. It is also listed on the US OTCQB Market under the ticker symbol VIVXF.

Contact Information

company address 100 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6

company phone613 990-0969

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.avivagen.com/

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