Binovi Technologies Corp. (TSXV:VISN)


Binovi Technologies Corp develops and provides hardware-software based training and treatment program.

It combines specialized knowledge and big data to deliver vision optimization and cognitive skill enhancement for human performance.

The company assists in vision rehabilitation, neuro-optometry and provides performance professionals with measurable insights in less time and effort.

The Canadian company claims that its product provide treatment for visual performance issues that are usually ignored by the contemporary ophthalmic treatment. The company identifies the need for disease management and treatment of issues that go beyond visual acuity and provide necessary tools for the same.

Binovi integrates the software, hardware, unique data insights and expert knowledge, to deliver customized, one-on-one training sessions and learning protocols suitable for vision care specialists, K-12 sudents, and sports performance testing and training.

Through its platform, the firm claims to provide reak-time results for vision optimization and skill enhancement related to cognitive performance. It is currently used in more than 20 countries.

The company states that the American Optometric Association has reported 10 per cent of preschoolers have undetected vision issues. It further says that the children at this age might not voice their concerns or miss any warning signs but as they grow older their visual acuity plays only a part in the overall vision health that depends upon a collection of vision skills.

These skills are required as they impact reading ability, attention spans, overall academic success, etc., it claims.

It further mentions that sitting too close to the TV, holding a book too close, tilting head, covering an eye, frequently rubbing eyes, sensitivity to light, turning of an eye in or out, difficulty with eye-hand-body coordination while playing, avoiding coloring activities, puzzles and detailed activities could be signs of eye and vision problems.

Binovi offers personalized plans for individual patients under its home therapy kits. Binovi has partnered with Bernell, a North America-based vision therapy supplier to provide a convenient kit comprising standard equipment.

It also collaborated with PHE America to educate the participants on sports vision training.

Contact Information

company address 574 Chartwell Rd. Oakville, Ontario L6J 4A8

company phone416 943-6271

company email[email protected]

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