Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp. (TSXV:SUGR)


SugarBud Craft Growers Corp is a Calgary-based pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, acquiring, and producing cannabis products.

The company operates in Yukon Territory, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

The firm aims to be a well-recognized cannabis brand. It delivers high-quality cannabis products such as Hand Harvested, Hand Dried, and Cold Barrel cured for up to 28 days.

The Canadian company offers products in reusable and recyclable glass jars that help keep the cannabis products fresh.

Sugarbud offers various strains such as Krypto Chronic, Mule Fuel, Wedding Cake XX, OG Khush, Cheese, prenup and wedding cake. All these products are prepared with the highest standards throughout the entire process, the firm claims. It says that each cannabis bud is preserved through the signature cold cure process. The product is available in 3.5 g dried flower and 2x 0.5 g pre-rolls that reflects creamy citrus, lime sherbet, warm spices, oak, a subtle earthiness, green apple pine and subtle fuel notes, says SugarBud Craft Growers.

To produce and distribute solvent-free cannabis extract products, Sugarbud signed a contract manufacturing services agreement with Embark Delta Inc in March 2021. Under this agreement, the company says that Embark will offer extraction, formulation, and production services in the starting phase of development and offers assistance in the distribution of solventless extraction.

Embark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Embark Health Inc.

On May 17, 2021, the cannabis company launched a new website feature, ‘Know Your Sugarbud’ in collaboration with Cannametrics. Through the new tag, the company aims to provide consumers information about different products and aims to expand its consumer base. Cannametrics offers a marketing platform that connects manufacturers directly with retail buying executives.

Furthermore, in June 2021, the company expanded its portfolio in Ontario by launching Mule Fuel, a full dense bud that comprises sticky sugary green and orange shades. It reflects savory, earthy aromas, sweet floral, citrus, and subtle fuel notes. The company says that Ontario is the world’s leading and fastest growing recreational cannabis products markets.

Contact Information

company address 620, 634 6th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0S4

company email[email protected]

company website

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